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Pointer Remote is Australia's leading remote work specialist, connecting employers with the best talent, regardless of their postcode. 

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Looking for a work from home job in Australia? Looking for a work from anywhere job? Hate scrolling through job boards, day after day? Registering with Pointer Remote allows passive job seeking. Create your profile and jobs are emailed to you directly, ensuring that you don't miss out your next dream job.

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We offer employers and recruiters access to a unique candidate pool with diversity in skillset, gender, location, physical ability and more. Our motivated job seekers are highly skilled and qualified across a range of industries to meet the needs of your business. 

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Pointer Remote offers community based, online and self-paced training for individuals, employers and communities to upskill in remote work. We build capacity in teams, employees and communities as a whole to leverage remote work.

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Welcome to Pointer Remote

Pointer Remote believes that work is what someone does, not where they go. With a huge availability of job seekers who are ready to work and positions that are ready to be filled by eager, talented and qualified individuals, the team at Pointer Remote are ready to start connecting today. Pointer Remote’s talent pool has skills, knowledge and experience across a huge range of industries including professional and financial services, creatives, IT, marketing, administration and health.

Sounds great, but why go remote? 

Statistically, remote work creates an environment that not only attracts and retains the best talent, but it also creates a team that is safer emotionally, socially, physically, and mentally*. Plus, at Pointer Remote, the team works with you to reduce time spent searching and overpriced job ads - so that your business can be connected with your dream staff member or you with your dream job as soon as possible. 


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Why work with Pointer Remote?

Established in 2017, Pointer Remote has connected hundreds of job seekers and companies across the country together into their perfect remote partnerships, working with leading organisations to help build their goals of becoming preferred employers. As well as being an award-winning organisation, we proudly recognise that the majority of our candidates carry tertiary qualifications with a minimum of five years of experience in their field, and over 35% of our candidates have post-graduate qualifications. Pointer Remote is currently creating increased remote capabilities and efficiencies globally. 

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Remote Work Benefits

Remote work stimulates local economies, mental health outcomes are improved and rural communities can help to drought and disaster-proof themselves. Simultaneously, businesses are hiring the best talent, they are reducing their carbon footprint and their teams can live where they choose, reducing the 'metro-stress' they may be experiencing "

Jo Palmer, Founder and MD

Economic Development 

When workers are geographically dispersed, so is their impact on communities, industry innovation, and the global economy.



Remote jobs create less waste and shorter commutes, which mean lighter carbon footprints.

Diversity and inclusion

Remote work is the catalyst for diversity and inclusion in any organisation, it creates equal opportunity.

Work-life satisfaction

Flexible workforces create an environment that not only attracts and retains the best talent, but their workers are also safer emotionally, socially, physically, and mentally.

*Sourced from GallupHarvard UniversityGlobal Workplace Analytics, and Stanford University and summarised by Laurel Farrer, Forbes      

​About us

'Remote work levels the playing field for businesses, people and communities in rural Australia'

Founded by Jo Palmer in 2017 from her farm in rural Australia, Pointer Remote was born out of the idea that there was an untapped pool of talent living in rural areas that could be accessed and mobilised through remote work. This is the driver behind our company purpose; to support the growth and sustainability of rural communities.

Jo is motivated by the social and economic benefits that remote work provides for marginalised parts of the community. She believes that your location, gender, physical ability or ethnicity should not determine the work you do. She is also passionate about the environmental, social and fiscal benefits that organisations experience through hiring remotely.

Her recognition includes 2019 AgriFutures Rural Women's Award National winner, 2018 Crow Awards Startup Superstar and Young Entrepreneur Awards, 2017 Soar Awards Regional Contribution winner and 2017 Finalist in the Regional Australia Institute Lightbulb Moments and Regional Online Heroes.

Jo Palmer, Founder and MD of Pointer Remote
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