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“In thirty years’ time, as technology moves forward even further, people are going to look back and wonder why offices ever existed.”
— Sir Richard Branson

What is pointer?

With today's workforce moving towards flexible working hours and locations, Pointer provides the opportunity for businesses to fill positions with the best candidate for the job, regardless of where they live. Pointer also provides a platform for small businesses or individuals to find contractors or freelancers to complete small jobs or contracts, rather than employing full-time staff.

Think of Pointer as a matchmaking platform, but for remote work! Employers post a role, and if your profile matches the criteria, you receive an alert. If you wish to be considered for the role, simply accept! The employer is sent the 'matches' and the interview process goes from there.

Why use Pointer?

Pointer is dedicated to creating an even playing field for professionals looking for jobs that can be conducted from home. It gives employers the opportunity to engage not only with people living in cities, but also with the network of highly qualified and experienced professionals who live in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.

Pointer is passionate about finding the best person for the job, regardless of where they live! If you are interested in remote work or interested in employing remote employees, head to our Enquiry / Register page.

pointer's founder

Jo grew up in NSW’s Snowy Mountains. She attended boarding school in Sydney for her high school years, before moving to Wagga Wagga to study a Bachelor of Education at Charles Sturt University. She has spent time living abroad in the US and the UK and has travelled extensively through Europe and South East Asia.

In 2013, Jo establish a comprehensive learning and tutoring business which, went on to operate in three regional towns in southern NSW. Since 2014, Jo has worked remotely as a sponsorship manager for a Sydney-based corporation. This role was the motivation behind co-founding the sponsorship and event management company Agri Alliance, which operates in the agricultural industry in 2016.

The idea for Pointer came when assessing employment needs for Agri Alliance. Jo and her cofounder had been discussing the concept of outsourcing roles within the company to people with a far better knowledge and understanding than themselves. Jo began to look at her own network of highly qualified, professional friends who were living in regional areas. She realised that it was not only Agri Alliance that would benefit from their skill set and experience, but others would as well. These professionals were being held back from remote employment due to lack of awareness and opportunity, and so Go Remote was born!

Following a name change and rebrand six months after launch, Pointer is now the one stop shop for candidates to find remote work, and a hub for employers to find the best person for a role, regardless of where they live. View Jo Palmer's LinkedIn profile here

 Founder Jo Palmer and her family

Founder Jo Palmer and her family


WHy Hire remotely?

“Remote work is here, and it’s here to stay. The only question is whether you’ll be part of the early adopters, the early majority, the late majority, or the laggards. The ship carrying the innovators has already sailed, but there are still plenty of vessels for the early adopters. Come on board.”
— Everett Rodgers, Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Do you have an in-house accountant, solicitor or graphic designer, or do you outsource these roles? If the latter, then you are already employing remote workers! Hiring remotely may seem like a daunting task, however a study of remote workers reported in the Harvard Business Review showed that employees working out of the office were more productive, and gained the equivalent of an additional day of work per week over office workers.  Working in their chosen environment also made employees happier, which made them work harder, for longer hours, ultimately leading to greater company profits!

Hiring remote workers not only allows you to save money on workspace costs but gives you access to a wider pool of talent willing to work full time, part time or on smaller contracts and projects from a variety of locations.  Remote work is becoming increasingly appealing to many applicants who are unable to or uninterested in working in traditional environments, like parents needing to stay at home, staff living in rural areas, and freelancers more adept at working in their own space in jobs that provide them with more flex time.

Remote - Office Not Required

This book has been an absolute go to for the team here at Pointer. If you are considering hiring remotely, we couldn't recommend this book more.

 Considering employing remotely? This book was one of the best purchases we have made!

Considering employing remotely? This book was one of the best purchases we have made!

Still need convincing? Thousands of high profile, multi-national companies including Apple, IBM, Amazon and American Express employ remote employees. The links below outline some of the benefits of hiring remote workers.

Psychology expert says working remotely has benefits - click here to read more

Remote workers: to hire or not to hire - click here to read more

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Enquire / Register

The most talented people in the world don’t all live in one place.
— Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson


Considering filling a role remotely? The benefits of remote staff are endless! You may like to complement your current, in-house team with remote staff, or you may employ a team that is entirely remote. Either way, Pointer has qualified professionals who will enhance your business.

We have a pay-per-post option, as well as an annual subscription to post unlimited roles. Please get in touch to discuss your business or agency's needs.

To advertise a role or to discuss how Pointer can assist in building an amazing remote team within your business, please click below and we will be in touch.


Registering with Pointer opens up the opportunity to be matched with roles that can be done from home or in a co-working space. Employers are advertising to fill roles remotely so there is no need to go through the interview process and then try to negotiate remote terms; everyone is on the same page.

There is a registration fee to have your profile on Pointer, $75 (plus GST). Once you have registered with Pointer we get in touch, then once you have demonstrated that you fit Pointer's criteria, we create your profile.

Pointer is a passive way to search for work. Once you have registered, we will email you roles that may be of interest. If you are interested in a role, we forward your profile to the employer or recruiter and they can choose to contact you for an interview.

**Please note - all information provided by candidates, recruiters and employers is kept private. Please refer to our Privacy Policy, located on the bottom of each page of our website. Candidates and employers can not see each others details. By registering with Pointer, you agree to our Terms of Use, located on the bottom of each page of our website.



Pointer in the media

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Our firm has engaged Pointer Remote Roles to advertise four positions within our business. We found the process of advertising with Pointer simple and we received the profiles of a range of high quality candidates for all roles. Pointer is a fantastic concept and is an easy way to connect with talented professionals who are looking to work remotely. We will certainly use Pointer again when next looking to fill a role remotely.
— Tracey, HR Coordinator at Boyce Chartered Accountants
When our company needed to update our website, we tasked Pointer with finding us a designer. The process was easy to navigate as Pointer took care of everything. We were sent profiles of qualified and experienced web designers who we could immediately interview. We were able to avoid the stale process of posting a role on a job board type website resulting in being either inundated with applications who didn’t meet our needs or receiving no applications at all.
— Kate - Managing Director at Focus Genetics Australia
We recently used Pointer to assist in the recruitment of a Financial Controller at our childcare centre. We found the process simple and extremely time efficient. Within a short period of post our role, we were sent profiles of candidates who matched the role and we were able to shortlist and go to interview. We are thrilled with the candidate we have employed and we would definitely recommend Pointer as a recruitment option, especially for small business.
— Liz - Annette’s Place Childcare Centre
In our industry, we are faced with the constant struggle of finding high quality, reliable freelancers to employ when we need to outsource work. My business partner and I both grew up in rural NSW and love the idea of being able to support regional areas. It’s given us an enormous pool of talent that has previously been difficult for us to access.
— Michelle - Co-founder Sunday Collective
Advertising a role with Pointer has been such a quick and easy process and there was a high calibre of candidates that have been sent to us. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to fill a vacancy. A brilliant service and I hope it goes from strength to strength. There will no doubt be other opportunities to advertise with Pointer as their candidates are all super aligned to FRRR and located in parts of the country that we do a lot of work.
— Natalie - CEO Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)



Our guiding management philosophy is:
‘Hire smart people and get out of their way.’
— David Fullerton, VP of Engineering, Stack Overflow