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Pointer Remote works with organisations to leverage the financial, social and environmental benefits of remote work. We support management and business leaders to incorporate remote work into their organisations, whether your team works flexibly, in a hybrid model or completely remote. We offer training, support and recruitments services so you can 'go remote'.


Teams are completely remote, absolutely no office required


Teams are distributed between offices and remote locations


Teams work flexibly, between the office and remote

​Remote work support for Business

We support organisations with a range of products and services to assist in transition, engagement with and embracing remote work.

Bespoke Session

We offer bespoke training for leadership teams or entire organisations (up to 100 people in training) lead by Founder Jo Palmer, to make the transition to remote as seamless as possible. The one-hour video session assists with the development of internal communications plans, setup of remote technology, managing productivity and workflows, strategies to maintain remote company culture and Work Health and Safety.

$3500* per session

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Remote Ready Programs

To build capacity in managers and their team members to work successfully remotely, we have partnered with Workplaceless, a remote training specialist to provide two Australian 'Remote Ready' Programs to promote successful remote work and management of distributed teams. These courses are self-paced, online and available for Managers and Employees.

$1500* for Managers

$500* for Employees
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Hire Remote Talent

Access talent remotely from anywhere in Australia by advertising your role to our candidate pool.
Candidates pay a registration fee to be a job seeker, their Internet speed and phone connection is assessed and two soft skills reference checks are completed.

Read more about the steps in our job matching process below, or if you're ready to hire now, click the button.

$500* per role

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Remote WHS Auditing

The fact an employee works from home does not mean the employer ceases to have responsibility for their health and welfare while they are doing their job.

The Interactive Work Health & Safety (WHS) Audit is a must have for organisations to ensure employees who work remotely, whether it be one day a week or all of the time, have their safety obligations covered in their remote workspace.

Developed by remote law firm, The Remote Expert, each audit is reviewed and recommendations are forwarded to the employer.

$70* per audit

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Remote Working Company Policy

Vital for every business 'going remote', the Remote Work Policy includes guidelines to set expectations and boundaries for any team members working away from your office. This Policy ensures that your entire organisation is on the same page when it comes to 'remote'.


Developed by The Remote Expert and delivered in Word format. The Policy can be edited to reflect your company details, branding and logo.

$200* per organisation
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Remote Worker Contract

A contract is a vital consideration when creating flexibility for current employees or engaging a new remote employee. This Remote Work Contract template is suitable for a wholly remote or partly (hybrid) remote employee.


Developed by The Remote Expert, the contract allows you to proceed with confidence to be sure your organisation is taking into account all remote working issues

$165* per individual

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*Pricing is GST exclusive

Remote Readiness
Is your organisation 'Remote Ready'?

Remote work is a working style that allows your employees to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully. Employing remotely can open up enormous opportunities such as access to talent as well as fiscal and environmental benefits, but is not for all organisations.

Take our 'Remote Readiness' Assessment to see if your organisation is 'Remote Ready'

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Benefits of Remote



Organisations that engage remote employees are 21% more profitable



Remote workers are on av. 40% more productive than their office counterparts



Productivity + performance = engagement resulting in 41% lower absenteeism



54% of employees would change jobs for flexibility resulting in 12% less turnover

*Statistics sourced from Laurel Farrer, Forbes 

​How does our Job Matching Work?

We work with 'Remote Ready' organisations to grow their teams.

Step 1


Are you 'Remote Ready'? Complete our 'Remote Readiness' Assessment to see if your organisation is ready to engage a remote employee or contractor. If you're not quite ready, we will email information and strategies to help you get there.
Step 2


'Remote Ready' and ready to advertise your role? Head to 'Match'. If you'd like to discuss your role with one of our team before advertising, book a call here or send us an email. You can find an overview of our pricing here.

Step 3


Create your Business Profile to advertise your position. Your job will be sent to candidates who match the criteria and they will submit their interest. Our user-friendly Portal will allow you to track your advertised roles, view candidate matches and set up interviews.

Step 4


Review the profiles of interested candidates, interview the candidates that you like, make an offer and you're ready to 'Go Remote'. 

Ready to advertise? You'll need the details of your main point of contact, a job description with an outline of the role, essential criteria, desirable criteria and details of any extra information you'd like the candidates to submit.

Advertise a Remote Role
​Job Matching Pricing

Simply pricing to make your next remote hire.

​AUD $550 (Inc GST)
Access to Pointer talent
✓ Listing on Pointer job board
List on Pointer social channels
 Matched candidate profiles
✓ Hiring and interview support

Advertise a Job

If you hiring for multiple candidates for a number of roles, contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.

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