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Innovative businesses all over Australia are leveraging remote work. Whether their team works flexibly or remote first, organisations see the fiscal, environmental and social benefits of a flexible workplace. To help alleviate barriers to working and employing remotely, Pointer has partnered with training provider Workplaceless to provide two e-Learning courses that help to promote successful remote work and management of distributed teams.

For Business Leaders and Managers, Pointer's e-Learning modules support those managing a distributed team to build confidence, systems and processes and improve company culture. For individuals, the e-Learning modules support the employee to work and communicate productively and effectively, remotely.

Pointer's e-Learning courses are self-paced and delivered to your inbox, with cohorts starting weekly.

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Remote Ready Programs
Leaders and Managers

The Remote Ready e-Learning course for Business Leaders and Managers is our remote leadership program, which has an immediate and lasting impact on participant’s leadership skills. This program is designed for managers and C-level executives who manage remote employees in their organisation. This program covers the fundamental skills needed to lead distributed teams.

This Remote Ready e-Learning course is intentionally sequenced so that topics build on one another. There are seven core modules that cover the knowledge and skills that leaders and managers need to succeed:

• Culture

• Communication

• Performance Management

• Conflict Management

• Vision

• Change Management

• Learning & Development

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The Remote Ready e-Learning course for Individuals supports remote workers to ensure that remote work is a success. Work is what you do, not where you go and Pointer's e-Learning modules ensure that those working remotely are doing so in accordance to best practice. 

Pointer's Remote Ready e-Learning course for Individuals is sequenced to ensure the basic concepts or remote work are covered and then progresses toward more complex issues. There are seven core modules that cover the knowledge and skills that flexible/remote workers need to succeed:

• Workday

• Communication

• Workflow

• Productivity and Time Management

• Teams

• Compliance

• Autonomy

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