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Pointer is excited to be showcasing businesses who have embraced remote staff and we love sharing their stories! 

"We are a fully distributed company that provides digital marketing solutions to businesses. You have to start with a good foundation, the motivation and drive to achieve the most comes from within the individual you are hiring, look beyond the skills and look to the drive and passion. Passion and drive will outplay skills any day of the week when it comes to the remote worker in my experience.

From there you need to make sure your processes are designed for remote workers and include a lot of communication and collaboration. There is nothing that will kill the productivity of a good remote worker more than feeling disconnected from the team or not having an efficient process to follow."

Natalie Athanasiadis

- Head of Digital at Digital Visibility Group


Jo Palmer
Gasp… Ask the remote workers what I can do for them!

Have you been considering remote staff? We asked Nathalie Lynton, a veteran HR professional, about how she has engaged and managed her remote employees.

"During my 18 years in HR my motto has been ‘The further away from HQ an employee is the double the love the love they get'.

We do this by way of care packages sent over to let the person know we are thinking of them. A small gift can go a long way. A bottle of wine with a note to say thanks for your input and enjoy your weekend is a powerful statement. I’ve also done the reverse, when gearing up for a big a project sending a tea and coffee selection with a note to say “We’ll muck in together” can go a long way too.

Though sometimes a remote worker is not so remote as you would think. It could be that my remote worker is on a client site 20 kms away for 6 months and they start to become part of client’s culture. In HR circles, its referred to with the un-PC term as ‘Going Native’. Your employee becomes disengaged from your company culture and engaged in your client’s cultur e. Often times they resign from your organisation only to join your client. Though only 20 or kms away they are more emotionally ‘remote’ that a traditional remote worker. You need to keep them in the fold."

One of the best ways you can get the most out of your remote people is to ensure they have the right tools to ensure they can collaborate effectively.
— Nathalie Lynton

"One of the best ways you can get the most out of your remote people is to ensure they have the right tools to ensure they can collaborate effectively. Remote workers need, all employees need, a seamless user experience that allows them access to apps and information from anywhere and on any device. Enterprise mobility tools that support users are fundamental to keeping remote workers engaged. Likewise, a unified communications to keep all the teams and people connected is critical to keeping remote people feel less remote. Fully enabled Sykpe for Business Office 365 / Azure that facilitates people knowing who is on-line, allowing instant messaging, instant video calls, group chats it’s all critical for a collaborative experience.

I also book in extra time in the remote worker’s managers diary to check in in them more regularly, so they don’t feel so out on a limb, I ensure they are invited to all meeting virtually and assign HQ Coffee Companion. This is where a person at HQ will go for a virtual coffee online in a video conference with the remote worker. They go and get a get coffee and sit back down and drink and talk and have their coffee once a week or so. Remote workers miss out on vital water cooler conversations, this loops them back in.  

The other thing I do and have done is – Gasp…. Ask the remote workers what I can do for them!"

You can check out Nathalie through her LinkedIn profile here

Jo Palmer
Interview with Creative Consulting - The Side Project Series

What an absolute treat to chat with the lovely Carolyn Cooke from Creative Consulting based in Brisbane. She opened Creative Consulting in late 2015 after a decade working in the corporate and not for profit sectors.

Carolyn has produced an amazing series of interviews focusing on global “outside of the square” thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs and we feel very special to be included in the mix.

I know I say this often, but I am truly inspired by those who dare to dream, take the leap and start something of their own. Running your own show means the engine never stops, so for me, it signals grit, determination and a tenacity of spirit.

Meet Jo, the powerhouse behind Pointer. She is all of those things and more, she is creating a legacy, changing preconceived ideas about recruitment and employment and ultimately, providing an opportunity for those in regional and remote areas.
— Carolyn Cooke, Creative Consulting

Read the full interview here

Jo and Anthy
Jo Palmer