Friday beers - via video conference!

I was speaking on the phone recently with a Chartered Accountant who runs a really progressive firm. She is looking to expand her amazing team by employing more remote Senior Chartered Accountants who will work remotely (she already has five!).  We were discussing the fantastic camaraderie that her team in the office has built and how she has concerns about how to maintain this team vibe when expanding the crew remotely.  

People are often surprised to learn that remote workers are actually more engaged than in-office counterparts. One reason is that people have to make a greater effort to connect since there is no chance of running into a co-worker in the hallway. So interactions are more purposeful. And yes, video chats are an excellent way to foster these relationships
— Brain - Aha!

With perfect timing, a client of ours sent through a link to this article. It talks about how, if managed correctly, a remote team can often be more engaged with their colleagues than those sitting at the desk next to each other! Click here to read the article. When you employ remote staff, you are conscience of making sure they feel included which in turn can often fuel engagement in the office! And plus, who doesn't love Friday afternoon beers, even if its via video conference?!

Friday beers
Jo Palmer