Pointer is live!

So, what is Pointer?

Pointer is a job matching platform that allows candidates to become passive job seekers, ie carry on with their daily life and be emailed amazing remote roles when they come up. Pointer allows employers and recruiters to fill positions with the best person for a job, regardless of where they live. While Pointer is open to job seekers anywhere in Australia, it creates an even playing field for the talented folk living in regional, rural and remote areas.

It all began after founder Jo Palmer had been working as a remote employee for a Sydney-based corporation for a few years. She realised that as a third of the population lives outside of Australia’s capital cities, many highly skilled professionals such as herself, were missing out on work, simply because they couldn’t physically make it into an office. With so many improvements in technology and connectivity, she wondered why should employers be restricted to only employing people who live a commutable distance from their business premises?

Jo launched Go Remote in February 2017 and the first version of the concept went live. Since then, and a few trademark road blocks, the platform has had a bit of a facelift. Go Remote rebranded as Pointer Remote Roles in June 2017.

Jo is a mum, a wife and business owner, and the flexibility and ease of remote work ensures she can manage all her commitments fluidly and still squeeze in a gin and tonic with friends on the weekends.

Remote employment has proved to be overwhelmingly beneficial for employers, as they save on work costs and gain access to a wider pool of talent willing to work full time, part time or on smaller projects. And working from an environment of choice makes for a happier, more productive worker, and ultimately a more profitable staff!

Meanwhile employees have the opportunity and confidence to compete for roles that they otherwise may not have been able to access, whilst still caring for their families and keeping the farm running.

If you run a business, you do not have to settle for employees that tick some of the boxes. Get in touch and see how Pointer can compliment your existing team with incredible staff. For employees, your physical location is no longer a reason not to have meaningful, stimulating and financially amazing employment. Follow Pointer on social media and tell your friends!

Pointer Remote Roles - we have our nose to the ground on remote roles

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 Pointer Remote Roles - Nose to the ground on remote roles

Pointer Remote Roles - Nose to the ground on remote roles