Interview with Creative Consulting - The Side Project Series

What an absolute treat to chat with the lovely Carolyn Cooke from Creative Consulting based in Brisbane. She opened Creative Consulting in late 2015 after a decade working in the corporate and not for profit sectors.

Carolyn has produced an amazing series of interviews focusing on global “outside of the square” thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs and we feel very special to be included in the mix.

I know I say this often, but I am truly inspired by those who dare to dream, take the leap and start something of their own. Running your own show means the engine never stops, so for me, it signals grit, determination and a tenacity of spirit.

Meet Jo, the powerhouse behind Pointer. She is all of those things and more, she is creating a legacy, changing preconceived ideas about recruitment and employment and ultimately, providing an opportunity for those in regional and remote areas.
— Carolyn Cooke, Creative Consulting

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Jo and Anthy
Jo Palmer