Businesses who get it - Featuring Mountain Bikes Direct

Pointer is excited to be showcasing businesses who have embraced remote staff and we love sharing their stories! 

"Facilitating remote working is absolutely key to our business! At Mountain Bikes Direct, we are an online-only retailer selling mountain bike parts and accessories to customers around Australia at globally-competitive prices. Our customer service and management teams work from home/remotely and are spread around the world - we have team members on the Gold Coast, in Canberra, in Colorado USA and in Canada! This has enabled us to attract top-quality staff who have deep expertise in our niche, without being restricted to a particular geographic location. It has also enabled us to provide expert mountain bike advice to our customers on the site at peak times when they are actually online - we leverage the time differences to ensure our MTB experts are available at the right times (rather than being confined to traditional work hours). This is only feasible (and financially viable) through remote working."

Jen from Mountain Bikes Direct

 Photo credit - Lachlan Ryan from

Photo credit - Lachlan Ryan from

Jo Palmer