'Beating around the bush' with the Rural Business Collective

The Rural Business Collective was born out of a passion for rural, regional & remote communities and knowing that the untapped potential in the bush is limitless.

Our mission is to build a culture of entrepreneurship in the bush. We set out to do this by providing a space for members to connect, collaborate and support each other.
— Rural Business Collective

You know when you meet someone and you instantly know they are part of your 'tribe'? They get what you're trying to achieve and they get you. Well, Fleur Anderson is one of those people for us. Fleur is the brains behind the operation that is the Rural Business Collective and has been working remotely from Central Queensland for years. She is 'Exhibit A' of everything we love about regional Australia and she is passionate about connecting regionally based entrepreneurs with the world.

The Rural Business Collective is a cheer squad for business in the bush. They facilitate mentoring, run a variety of events and host an awesome podcast, 'Beating around the bush'. Members have access to private forums and provide each other with support and motivation. And to top it all off, members of RBC now have a go-to partner when looking to fill roles within their businesses or to outsource work, Pointer! 

How many business plans are hidden in farm offices, how many ideas are discussed between friends at the local coffee shop, how many dreams are written off as a pipe-dream across rural Australia. Imagine if they had access to the tools and support they need to get those ideas off the ground and turn into the next business, employer, and economic contributor to their town.
— Fleur Anderson, Founder, Rural Business Collective

We are so thrilled to be included with the list of amazing Australians that Fleur and her team have interviewed. If you haven't already, subscribe to 'Beating around the bush' through iTunes.

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