Going Remote... Pointer in Graziher Magazine

 Palmer ladies on our front deck.

Palmer ladies on our front deck.

Pointer is featured in the spring issue of Graziher

What an absolute honour to be included in this issue of Graziher, one of the most gorgeous magazines in publication. Graziher is the work of editor Claire Dunne, a clever chook from Queensland, who created the beautiful magazine to celebrate the third of Australian women who live in rural and regional Australia. If you don't already subscribe to this beautiful publication, head to Graziher's website. PLUS a subscription is pretty much the best wife, mum, mother in law present ever.

They are the ones who are passionate, involved and intelligent. They have drive, determination and goals. They are the next generation of rural Australia and from this narrow selection, I think we’ll be in good hands and in good company for the future.
— Claire Dunne - Editor

The spring issue went on sale September 1st and the response to the article has been enormous. More amazing candidates are registering daily as well as incredible and dynamic businesses who see the benefits of employing remotely. If you are looking to fill a role within your business, be it a full or part time position or maybe just a short term contract, get in touch so we can connect you to these amazing professionals.

As well as having the pleasure of being candidly interviewed by Claire and having such a beautiful article published as the result, we also had the opportunity to work with Rachael Lenehan, photographer extraordinaire. For those who know me, I am pretty much the least photogenic human on the planet, so for Rach to be able to capture a whole feature worth of photos, wowsers, that's talent! If you haven't already seen Rach's work, do yourself a favour by heading to her website here  

We really are so pleased to have the concept of remote work being showcased by people like Claire and Rachael. Flexible work is the way of the future, so keep sharing, keep talking and ask your boss if you can do one day a week from home. Go on, it's amazing! Your boss will see that the world does not fall apart when you're not in the office, and then they will consider taking on someone remotely next time they hire!

 Photo courtesy of  Rachael Lenehan Photography  

Photo courtesy of Rachael Lenehan Photography 

Jo Palmer