Happy birthday to us!

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Musings on Pointer Remote’s first 12 months and several thank you’s to those who have cheered me on from the sidelines... Stay with me as I acknowledge the key players in Remote’s journey!

Today is my business baby’s first birthday. What a whirlwind the last twelve months have been, and an opportune moment to pause and reflect on Pointer Remote Role’s start-up journey to date. I am currently some 3.5000 kilometres from my Wagga office as I pen this blog post between sessions at the amazing Partners in Grain WA, Inspire Summit in Fremantle, WA. Forever working remotely!

Regardless of my physical location, or perhaps because of it, I feel it is important to take stock and acknowledge how far, in such a short period, that the remote work model has progressed in Australia. With major metro’s bursting at the seams and technology no longer a limiting factor, remote working in Australia has moved beyond concept and is now a reality for an increasing number of progressive firms, regardless of size. In tandem, there is a vast and growing network of highly qualified remote professionals and executives located around the country. As attitudes shift and businesses become increasingly flexible, I realised there was the need for a platform that could efficiently partner organisations with the incredible talent that resides not just in the cities but also throughout rural and regional Australia. Our mission has been to create a seamless solution so that distance is never a barrier to employing the best practitioners in the marketplace.  

I am proud to say that in  the last twelve months, we have placed accountants, graphic designers, executive assistants, marketing managers and HR consultants to name a few. I want to take this opportunity to thank our early adopters. The businesses and the candidates who put their trust in me and the concept, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Where to from here? There are around 900,000 small to medium-sized businesses in Australia. Pointer’s goal is to enable access to the experienced, knowledgeable and talented professionals that will allow these businesses to grow, regardless of where their business is located.

And finally, it would be utterly reticent of me not to acknowledge friends, family, and colleagues who have helped this pearl of an idea transform into the company that it is today. I promise this won’t be drawn out Academy Awards speech. However, I feel it would be remiss not to acknowledge the key people who have cheered this business on from the get-go.

Alice, my best mate, you are present ALL the time. You check in. You look after my kids. You are an all-round legend, and I couldn't do this without you. To Sally Armstrong, my Agri Alliance gal pal, without your support in allowing my head to go in two directions at all times, Pointer would never have made it to our first birthday.  My cheerleader Belinda Allitt. Without this power house's gentle shove, my eyes would never have been opened to the crazy world that is Startup Land. And, of course, the reigning duo of all things startup, Di Somerville, and Simone Eyles; you were straight shooters from the day we met, and your wise counsel has helped me immeasurably in navigating this non-linear, parallel universe. My business group, CheckPoint. You guys are a powerhouse of knowledge and experience and I am so thrilled that you have been the whip crackers behind this business. My parents, my sister and my gorgeous girls, Matilda and Anthea. Your patience and flexibility doesn't go unnoticed. Whenever I feel like I am absent or not doing the 'mother' thing properly, I think back to the time I heard Matilda (aged 4) tell someone that one day she is going to be the boss like mum, and I can keep on keeping on.

In an incredibly short time, I have also built the most fantastic team around me who have become my sounding boards, my confidantes and perfectly represent that demographic of professional superstars that successfully navigate careers despite living some 500km from an office high-rise. This crew has allowed me to build a company that practices what it preaches, they work remotely, flexibly and to the highest of standards. Jess Schiller, my trusty sidekick, has been there from the very early days helping from her property in Hay, and she has been instrumental from an operational perspective. Ange MacAlpine, who works from her desk in The Marra and is the first point of contact for every candidate who registers with Pointer, she is the poster girl for remote work, even while living in the middle of nowhere and enduring the daily battles of pregnancy! Georgie Robertson, the PR queen who moved from Scone and almost literally fell in my lap, I could not be more excited to have her on-side as she helps drive Pointer forward. And Sarah Houston, our newest recruit whom we brought on board with us while she was in Japan is on a mission to engage, inspire and bring more companies on board as she continues her nomadic way across Northern Australia over the next few years, we are thrilled to have you with us.

And lucky last, in true Oscars style, my husband Hugh. Without whom, our candidates and employers would never have been able to experience the benefits that our job matching agency provides. Your continuing support allows this incredible company to not only exist but to grow. And you are very much the reason that our trajectory is on the up.

And as a birthday present to ourselves, we have had the legends from Sunday Collective give Pointer a makeover. New branding is coming the remote world's way in the coming weeks!

Jo Palmer