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Wagga based businesswomen, Jo Palmer, is proving that moving out of the city doesn’t need to be career suicide. She’s set up a recruitment website match making people who need to work remotely with businesses that don’t mind whether your office is in Pitt Street or Pulletop.
— Olivia Calver - WIN News

Some fantastic coverage last week on WIN News and it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed as Pointer also launched our rebranded website that very day! Don’t you just love it when the stars align?

It was also great to see a real-life example of what a remote worker looks like. Nicole Davis, whose husband is in the Air Force is an accountant and despite moving every three years has successfully maintained her portfolio of clients.

Which leads me to my next point, that while startups have wholeheartedly embraced the remote work model, more and more traditional companies are recognising the benefits. Among the largest industries adopting work practices online are the accounting and legal industries. In fact, a regional accounting firm has advertised four roles with Pointer in the past six months. Although one of these roles was for a Chartered Accountant, they also advertised for a HR Manager, Social Media and Marketing Manager as well as an Executive Assistant.

At Pointer we also walk the talk. We have harnessed some amazing employees for ourselves and our team is now scattered throughout NSW and the Northern Territory. Disrupting the traditional hiring methods is what we do best.  If you are a small to medium businesses located anywhere in Australia and are looking to hire, chat to us about our vast database of professionals ranging from chartered accountants, copywriters, project managers, executive assistants, bookkeepers, solicitors, web designers, graphic designers and more. 

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Jo Palmer