Considering registering as a candidate this long weekend?

You've been teetering on the edge and the long weekend is here. You are finally going to sit down and register with Pointer. But so many questions. Lucky for you, we have added a 'Frequently Asked Questions' section to our website! Even luckier for you, we've kindly put them in this blog post so you can finish your cuppa, read on and alleviate all worries you may have. Enjoy!


Frequently Asked Candidate Questions

What sort of roles does Pointer see?

Roles that come across our desk are so random and diverse that there is no real pattern! Anything from accounting and bookkeeping, admin, law, PR, marketing roles work to the wild and wonderful world of website design, business planning or anything else you can think of! Have a look back through our blog for examples of roles we have advertised.

What sort of employers are advertising roles?

The employers that work with us a Pointer are progressive companies that realise that the location of a fabulous employee shouldn't matter. We have small to medium-sized businesses from all over Australia through to corporate organisations in the big cities.

Are the roles casual, contract, part time or full time?

Each role that we advertise is different. We have had part-time and full-time roles that have been contracts as well as permanent appointments. There have been short-term contracts and one-off jobs.

Can I update my profile with Pointer at any time?

Of course, you can! It’s as simple as emailing us with the updates and we will ensure your profile is updated with your new credentials, desires or anything you think of!

When should I expect my first role to be sent through?

How long is a piece of string? Our roles as so diverse and random that we cannot guarantee. For some candidates, it is a matter of hours or days and others months or potentially longer depending on the dream role you are seeking! As mentioned Pointer is a start-up company and we are really just sinking our teeth into the marketplace.

Why does Pointer complete my reference checks?

To ensure we have the highest calibre of candidates in our database, we vet every candidate as they register with Pointer. This streamlines the process for our employers to see who they will interview. Employers are encouraged to do their own reference checks before they hire one of our candidates, but our onboarding reference checks give the employer an idea about the candidates before they interview them.

Important things to note

- If you have poor phone service or Internet speeds and downloads, then Pointer is not a great place for you to try and find a remote role. Employers need these things to be able to connect with you easily and effectively.

- The roles we advertise are more often than not for qualified professionals with either tertiary or formal qualifications in their field. Unfortunately, candidates without qualifications and quality experience in the workplace are often overlooked for roles.

- Pointer is a start-up company, each day our database of potential employers and employees grows, however, we cannot guarantee a match will happen overnight or at all! We are up against a huge societal change in Australia, but we believe it is the way of the future.

-A larger percentage of the roles we advertise are part-time or contract based, which is a great way to add another "string to your bow" for self-employed or those looking for real flexibility.

If you choose to come along for the ride, and happy that it may take some time (or no time at all) to match you to the perfect role, Pointer will proceed with the following steps: 

1.    We email you an invoice for $75 + GST to register with Pointer

2.    You make sure your referees are happy for us to call 

3.    Once your invoice is paid, we get in contact with your referees and we “package” this up on file alongside your CV and application form for potential employers.

4.    We start sending you roles that match your skill set! 

5.    Any roles that you think you would love to be involved with just we let us know, we send the potential employer your “profile”. If they like the sound of you, they will get in contact with you directly to arrange an interview. If not, we will let you know that you haven’t made it to the interview stage.


Still need a reason to register? Imagine not sitting in traffic on Tuesday after three days off...

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Jo Palmer