Remote control: the business of flexible working

 (Yes Jo's kitchen table is always this tidy)

(Yes Jo's kitchen table is always this tidy)

Bringing businesses on board - It’s not just the candidates that are keen.

“We’re finding that small to medium-sized business – especially regionally based ones – have really embraced the concept and are seeing it as an opportunity for them to grow their business because they may have previously been restricted in their area for employing people with the skill set that they need,” says Jo.

Instead of employing a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ that just happens to live where their business is located, and who may not actually be qualified for the tasks they are trying to do, Jo and her team are finding that businesses are using the Pointer platform to their advantage.

“Where they might have put one person on for three days in the past, they might now put on three people that are working remotely for one day. They’re actually getting the skills they need for their business to grow. So it’s a really exciting way of using our platform.”
— Bianca and Jennifer - NBN Co

Two members of the NBN team visited Pointer's Founder Jo at home to talk all things remote work. You can read the article (and watch Jo's interview) right here. And yes, she does actually work, not just swan around drinking tea on her front verandah!

Jo Palmer