Case Closed: Work-From-Home Is the World's Smartest Management Strategy

Given the overwhelming evidence . . . I’m convinced that allowing employees to work from home is the smartest management strategy of all time.

The best definition of a smart strategy in this context is ‘an easily implemented strategy that increases revenue and reduces costs.’

There is one management strategy . . . that is easily implemented and immediately increases productivity while reducing costs: allowing employees to work from home and remotely, rather than forcing them to come into the office every day. This provides huge financial benefits:
— Geoffrey James -
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What makes a management strategy smart? A quick but permanent productivity boost.

The evidence is in. According to research from Stanford and other sources, working from home is one of the very few management strategies that meet this criteria and the financial benefits are real: increased employee productivity, reduced attrition rates, lower facility costs, fewer sick days and reduced payroll costs. 

A compelling article for employers.  Read the article in full here.

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Claire Shumack