How to work remotely and successfully...

Working from home may sound like a dream-come-true for some, but it’s not all about relaxation. Are you up for the challenge of staying on-task while away from office?

How can you utilise this perk? What does it take to be a successful remote employee? I asked some of the best ones I know, my remote coworkers. They quickly and energetically provided me with some invaluable tips useful for anyone debating whether or not remote employment is right for them.
— Liz Hall, VP of People at Trello
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Working remotely is one thing. Working remotely successfully is another. Liz Hall is the Vice President of People at Trello, a US based company with 50% of its employees working remotely from around the world.  Liz offers her best tried and tested tips for doing it successfully.

These are some great practical tips that can easily be applied to any remote workplace environment.  Read more here.

Jo Palmer