Ensuring Career Growth in the Midst of a Pandemic
Like so many other parts of life that have come to a screeching halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, career growth, for many, has become uncertain.
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Heres How Life Will Dramatically Improve Once Remote Work Becomes The New Standard
A large number of major corporations in an array of different sectors, such as Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Ford Motors and Microsoft, have announced plans for dealing with the post-pandemic work life.
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Spark Festival - Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Regional Australia
There’s a quiet revolution in innovation and entrepreneurship happening, with skills, resources & magic sparking across rural and regional Australia - particularly for women in startups and small businesses. And now that working remotely is the new normal, it doesn’t remotely matter where you ar...
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$100 million Regional Job Creation Fund
The Regional Job Creation Fund’s focus is to co-fund projects creating at least five sustainable regional jobs.
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5 Tips To Optimize The Success Of Your Hybrid Return To Office Plan
With an arsenal of eyebrow-raising statistics, Adam Hickman, Senior Workplace Strategist at Gallup, confirms that the business world is headed toward a physical - virtual hybrid workplace. Read on to find out what Gallup has uncovered through years of research.
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Hot Tips For Maintaining Employee Motivation
Successful companies are innovative, they’re first to market with new and improved products, they have exceptional customer service. But what is it that they have in common?
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Defining Hybrid Work - Is this what the Future of work Flexibility looks like? 

A lot of buzz words like Hybrid work and work flexibility are being thrown around but what does that actually mean? Is Hybrid work the future of work or is it work flexibility, maybe a little bit of both or none at all?!? Click the below to hear Liam Martin of 'Running Remote' defining what Hybrid w...

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State of Remote Work in 2021
Covid-19 is a definitive landmark in the history of remote working and it permanently changed our ways of working. And just like me, you would be curious to know what others think & feel.
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Remote Working Ready Rural Towns
Jo recently joined Sarah Perriam on New Zeleand's - Sarah's Country podcast to discuss how Pointer Remote is working with local Economic Development Agencies to put small towns on the map.
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Zoom Overload
In a recent podcast Cal Newport dove into the topic of meeting overload. He expands here on one of his more radical (but intriguing) solutions: The Reverse Meeting.
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Access to meaningful and stimulating careers
Each month, the team at Pointer Remote sit down to look at how working remotely, in all of its capacities, has the scope to change life for the better. Now, more than ever, we’re reminded of the impermanence of ‘normal’ and the importance of remaining adaptable and able to pivot.
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Onshoring is Better for the Economy, Communities and Your Small Business. Why?
Jo recently joined Alexi Boyd on the SmallBiz Matters podcast to discuss the benefits of remote work for regional Australia and our National economy. Check out the details and hit the button below to listen.

In the last 12 months policy makers, regional communities, corporates and small businesses al...
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8 Types of Collaboration Tools (w/ Top Tools To Use in 2021)
As the future of work is looking increasingly remote, effective collaboration is more important than ever. Successful remote work comes down to having the right tools to make collaboration possible.
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Services increase thanks to population retention
Anyone who has spent much time in regional, rural or remote Australia knows the symptoms. For Sale and For Lease signs pop up in shop windows or worse, they stand empty; nothing beyond the smudged glass front but dead blowflies and dried up dreams.
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How To Negotiate Your Salary for the Remote Job of Your Dreams (With Email Template)
Never settle for a salary that doesn’t value your worth. We’ll show you how to get what you deserve the right way in this guide.
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Access to talent for rural businesses
With more businesses increasingly realising that working remotely is not only possible but at times preferable, we are joyfully helping hundreds of professionals and businesses connect the dots and find work and employees well outside their post code.
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Tips for using email to communicate with your remote team
A key part of managing or working in a remote team is the increased importance of communication. Regular and authentic communication helps you stay on the same page and keeps teams productive, cohesive and happy.
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Strategies for Finding a Remote Job
If you’re a remote worker considering the next steps to take in your career, keep these four strategies from Wesley in mind.
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What to Include in a Cover Letter for Remote Jobs
For many reasons, a remote job might be the right choice for you. However, if you’ve never had a remote job before, you may be wondering how to showcase your experience.
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This is how to say yes at work without spreading yourself too thin
Defend your work-life balance by having this simple but powerful conversation.
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