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$100 million Regional Job Creation Fund
The Regional Job Creation Fund’s focus is to co-fund projects creating at least five sustainable regional jobs.
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5 Tips To Optimize The Success Of Your Hybrid Return To Office Plan
With an arsenal of eyebrow-raising statistics, Adam Hickman, Senior Workplace Strategist at Gallup, confirms that the business world is headed toward a physical - virtual hybrid workplace. Read on to find out what Gallup has uncovered through years of research.
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Hot Tips For Maintaining Employee Motivation
Successful companies are innovative, they’re first to market with new and improved products, they have exceptional customer service. But what is it that they have in common?
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Defining Hybrid Work - Is this what the Future of work Flexibility looks like? 

A lot of buzz words like Hybrid work and work flexibility are being thrown around but what does that actually mean? Is Hybrid work the future of work or is it work flexibility, maybe a little bit of both or none at all?!? Click the below to hear Liam Martin of 'Running Remote' defining what Hybrid w...

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State of Remote Work in 2021
Covid-19 is a definitive landmark in the history of remote working and it permanently changed our ways of working. And just like me, you would be curious to know what others think & feel.
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Remote Working Ready Rural Towns
Jo recently joined Sarah Perriam on New Zeleand's - Sarah's Country podcast to discuss how Pointer Remote is working with local Economic Development Agencies to put small towns on the map.
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Zoom Overload
In a recent podcast Cal Newport dove into the topic of meeting overload. He expands here on one of his more radical (but intriguing) solutions: The Reverse Meeting.
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