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"I'm far too busy building the bush"

If you missed this article featuring our Managing Director Jo Palmer in The Australian, scroll on down and read the full article that includes interviews with friends of Pointer Remote - Caroline Robinson from WA, Elisha Parker from QLD and Zelda Chambers from NSW. 

29.09.21 01:08 PM - Comment(s)
Pointer joins Mums & CoVID-19 response

National pro bono taskforce marshals to support Australian business mums spearheaded by think tank Mums & Co

An elite, pro bono and national taskforce, known as Mums & CoVID19, has rapidly formed to offer immediate support for the 345,000 business owning mothers in Australia now responding to...

27.03.20 04:00 AM - Comment(s)
Don't compare - Remote Work Tip
One of the risks of working remotely is that often the only information we have to compare our career progress against is what we see on our friends’ social media feeds. Think of those photos with industry leaders, virtual check-ins at networking breakfasts and gushing comments about how wonderful a...
26.03.20 05:39 AM - Comment(s)
5 tips for ramping up on remote work in a hurry

Sarah Goff-Dupont, Principal Writer at Altlassian has shared her tips on creating some calm amongst the chaos.

How to regain your team’s regularly-scheduled productivity in record time.

If you think of it in terms of Tuckman’s stages of team development, suddenly shifting to remote work ...

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How to deliver more impactful online meetings and webinars

Connection issues, poor sound, barking dogs, clattering keyboards. Sound familiar?

Sharon Connolly, Senior Change Manager at Commonwealth Bank has put together these brilliant tips for stepping up your online meeting game.

Download the full set of tips here

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Is your team safe?
What's the number one question that should be on the lips of all remote managers?

HOT TIP: it's not "how do I know my remote staff aren't watching Netflix, eating Nutella by the spoonful straight from the jar?"

It should be: "how do I know my remote workers are SAFE?"

Luckily, we ha...

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Alison Michalk's Top 5 Books On Remote Work
Newly immersed in the challenging yet powerful world of remote work? Here are my top five must-reads for managers or companies embarking on the swift transition to remote work.

In embracing new models of working, don't overlook the chance to radically improve your work "place" in the proces...

26.03.20 02:14 AM - Comment(s)

School may be closed, but this ain’t no vacation. Here’s my tried-and-true game plan for staying productive (mostly).

Sarah Goff-Dupont, Principal Writer at Altlassian has shared her tips on creating some calm amongst the chaos.

Read the full article here

Interested in remote work and would like to...

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With the world turning to remote work, it’s important to recognise that for many, it’s their first time working from home. While an easy transition for some, working from home is not everyone’s preference and can create additional stressors balancing a new working space and factors that may make t...

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Just like those flabby bingo-wing arms that respond wonderfully to a few tricep dips, resilience is like a muscle that will get stronger and more efficient as you work on it and invest in its development.

Instead of sliding down the slippery slope of ‘why me’ and feeling like a victim in life, decid...

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Riverina Innovation Ecosystem Online Meetup - this Thursday 10am 26 March

Register even if you can't make the time and we can send you a link to the recording.

This free online event is for startups and SMEs in the Riverina community to better understand your current needs and also to provide support...

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“Remote work levels the playing field for professionals in most industries. Your physical location doesn’t matter, neither does your gender, age, ethnicity, physical ability or sexuality. For businesses, it is not only a way to get the best talent into your business, but it’s also an opportunity to...

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At the end of your working week (or day or night or however life works for you) have a mental declutter by writing down everything that is on your mind.Have a specific place you do this, like a nice thick notebook and keep it solely for this purpose.

You will feel so much better getting your thought...

24.03.20 05:24 AM - Comment(s)

More and more employees in Australia and being encouraged or directed to work from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Communications giant Telstra has told its office-based employees to work from home until at least the end of March, while other companies are busy developing contingency ...

23.03.20 08:50 AM - Comment(s)

Jo recently joined ABC Radio's Australia Wide program to discuss just how prepared (or unprepared!) the Australian workforce is, should the need arise for more of us to work from home.

Skip to 2:55 to hear Jo's thoughts (~5 min listen).

Interested in remote work and would like...

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Happy 3rd birthday to Pointer!

For three years we have been supporting businesses to 'go remote' and connecting them with amazing talent that can work from anywhere, especially from rural Australia.

We are passionate about bridging the country/city divide and believe that remote work truly levels the...

21.03.20 04:47 AM - Comment(s)

There is a LOT of noise in the #covid19 space currently, and with many organisations and professionals transitioning abruptly to #remotework, the situation is becoming increasingly overwhelming.

To help alleviate barriers to working and employing remotely we are running two FREE webin...

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Setbacks are a wonderful opportunity for you to pause, reflect and redirect if necessary.

When things go wrong instead of automatically thinking of it as a negative, reframe the situation as being a good opportunity to review what happened and turn it into a positive opportunity to make informed de...

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As many businesses and workers now consider the unfamiliar world of “working from home” Jo Palmer is optimistic there is a silver lining to these challenging times.

As Jo knows only too well, rural, regional and remote areas in Australia hold a wealth of highly qualified and experienced prof...

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Come one, come all, as we unveil a series of blogs exploring the challenges and joys of working remotely. Why start from scratch, when others can pave the way for you? 

Performance Management 

  1. An ongoing process of communication between a supervisor and an employee that occurs throughout th...
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