Change management: leading from the front
If you want your company to lead from the front, change is inevitable. An organisation’s ability to stay nimble is key to its potential for innovation, scale and growth.
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Communication: the holy grail of relationship success
This is the cornerstone of every organisation. The holy grail to relationship success. The yin to profitability yang. And interestingly, not the same thing as talking. We all know someone who loves to talk but isn’t a great communicator.
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What empathy-centred leadership looks like
Disrupted operations and fragmented environments that have scattered the workforce are creating a very different dynamic for leaders. It’s raised the bar, compelling you as a leader to adopt a more personal style of management.
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How to increase your productivity at work
You reach the end of your workday and glance down at your (now coffee-stained) to-do list. You’re immediately overcome with frustration as you realise that barely half of the items are checked off. Seriously, what happened? You were here for eight hours, so why didn’t you get more accomplished?
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14 Tried-and-True Ideas to Improve Team Communication
If there's one thing high-performing teams are built on, it's effective communication. It doesn't matter how disruptive your technology is or how grand a vision you hold — if your team doesn't communicate well, you're going to be fighting an uphill battle.
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Setting Up Efficient Communication Methods for Remote Work
We've rounded up some productivity secrets (that aren't so secret) to help you get the most out of your working hours.
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Which Remote Work Communication Style Fits You?
From the team at Yonder We love delving into organisational behavior and the psychology of work. A few months ago, we were discussing some remote work personality types and came up with some of our own!
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How remote teams miscommunicate, and how to fix it
By now, you’ve probably heard several times that communication is crucial in remote teams. And it’s easy to understand why. It’s the only thing that makes a virtual team. Without messages and meetings with each other, we’re just a bunch of strangers that happen to be working toward the same goal.
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Culture: The Office of an Officeless Team
In co-located companies, team culture is often organic and subconscious. It develops naturally as your team spends days and weeks together and finds common habits, traits, and opinions that they share. In turn, these turn into a unified vibe and mission… or in other words, your company culture.
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How to build culture in a remote team
When it comes to remote teams, culture is a huge topic. Common knowledge suggests that co-located teams have an easier time building culture compared to remote teams.
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Remote Work Productivity: Staying Productive Regardless of Location
Some of the benefits associated with telecommuting remote work include: reduced stress, increases employee retention, reduced costs for employers, and guess what – improved productivity.
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How to Create a Remote Work Schedule that Works for You
Whether you're a new or experienced remote employee, you've probably realised how hard it can be to stay on a proper schedule. Luckily, with all of the scheduling technology we have today, creating an outline of your workweek actually isn't that hard to do.
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Masterclass: The Benefits of Doing Business with the Bush
Sign up for the next Business Chicks Masterclass featuring Jo from Pointer Remote! Thursday 4 June, 12:00pm-1:00pm AEST Attendance is FREE if you use the code WOMENNSW at the checkout
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The bar has been set for remote employers
"These days, and following Covid19, people everywhere are assessing their living choices and lifestyle, and making the change to country and rural living, above the over-populated and fast pace of our cities."
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Coronavirus is changing where we want to live
Catch up on this segment of ABC's Radio Melbourne's "The Conversation Hour with Richelle Hunt and Warwick Long" where they discuss how COVID-10 is contributing to the decentralisation movement.
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7 Benefits to Hiring Remote Workers
Here’s the question: Should you hire remote workers? Or perhaps an even more profound question: Should you give your current employees the ability to work from wherever they want?
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The Remote Work Glossary: get in on the lingo
With remote work now commonplace, there's a few buzzwords popping up more regularly in conversation. Get up with the lingo here!
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What Would Rapid Growth in Agriculture Mean for Regional Australia?
Watch the recording from this years ABARES Conference, where Jo joined a panel discussing the potential outcomes for regional communities of the plan for Australian agriculture to reach a $100b target.
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Is your community next for a Capacity Building Program?
We're looking for progressive communities to join our Remote Ready Community Pilot by partnering with us in hosting Capacity Building Programs in their region.
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Corona-courses: upskilling in lockdown
If you're yearning for some lockdown learning, we've rounded up the places you can access FREE online courses to keep you busy!
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