7 strategies for running effective remote meetings

01.09.20 02:23 PM By Caitlin

From Krystina Martinez for Zapier

Meetings get a bad rap—for a good reason 

They never start on time. Someone always dominates the conversation. Discussions inevitably go off-track. People start tracing their hands in their notebooks. And almost always, the meeting could've been an email.

On a remote team, you're less likely to be caught tracing your hand in your notebook, but the chances of having ineffective meetings only increases. Video conferencing apps often have time limits on free plans, meaning every wasted minute is precious. It's even easier to talk out of turn when you can't read body language in a virtual meeting. Small talk can eat up half of the meeting because everyone's a hermit the rest of the day.

Remote work requires better meeting hygiene. By putting a few structures in place, you can run more effective remote meetings, freeing up time and making everyone just a little less grouchy.
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