Access to talent for rural businesses

01.03.21 10:35 AM By Caitlin

Each month, the team at Pointer Remote sit down to look at how working remotely, in all of its capacities, has the scope to change life for the better. Now, more than ever, we’re reminded of the impermanence of ‘normal’ and the importance of remaining adaptable and able to pivot. Join us for a deep dive into Working From Anywhere (WFA).

Here at Pointer Remote, we believe that work is something you do, not somewhere you go. With more businesses increasingly realising that working remotely is not only possible but at times preferable, we are joyfully helping hundreds of professionals and businesses connect the dots and find work and employees well outside their post code. 

One of the exciting components of widening the net when it comes to looking for employees, is the chance for businesses to get the very best person for the job. In fact, according to the International Workplace Group, which surveyed 15,000 participants across 80 countries, 84 per cent of Australian businesses are using flexible working to improve talent retention*. 

This works both ways - for city businesses hiring loyal, capable professionals from the bush, and rural businesses accessing talent far beyond their geographical boundaries. This is the opposite of the ‘rural brain drain’ - the age old predicament of country towns often losing their best and brightest to larger metro areas. Now, flourishing regional and rural businesses are able to extend their reach beyond local populations, filling their talent coffers, growing their organisations and in turn, bringing economic prosperity and social sustainability to their communities.

For WFA to be successful for country businesses with city employees, the best management practices are critical:

  • Upping the tech game. This means solid internet connection and the best processes, systems and programs in place to compliment a foolproof remote working policy 
  • Using collaborative technology like Slack, Asana, Trello and Harvest to track projects, time and KPIs 
  • Regular, high quality conferencing to promote visibility in a decentralised team. With most people now using Zoom for everything from kid’s schooling to wine catch-ups and yoga classes, it’s a technology part and parcel with 2020 life and easier than ever to implement professionally

I’m curious - are you a business in the bush that has found talent in the city, or know someone who has? I’d love to know about your experience - comment below!

Work your way!

Jo Palmer

Founder & Managing Director of Pointer Remote