Change management: leading from the front

15.06.20 07:28 AM By Caitlin

Change Management


1.    The management of change and development within a business or similar organisation.

If you want your company to lead from the front, change is inevitable. An organisation’s ability to stay nimble is key to its potential for innovation, scale and growth. 

Part of that change could very well be looking at how you could start to implement remote work – either hiring the best person for the job (regardless that they’re another state away) or letting your current staff work one or two days (or heck, the whole week) from home; cutting overheads and improving flexible work conditions. 

Change management is the art of – you guessed it – managing change, so it’s a smooth and positive transition. Whether you’re implementing new technologies, changing processes or hiring a kick ass engineer from a different time zone, your leadership skills will dictate the terms.

Managing change from afar can be challenging, but not impossible. At Pointer, we’re scaling as fast as we can walk, and with all our employees working remotely, we need to keep the consistency across the board. This is what I’ve learnt along the way:

1. Communication. All hail the mighty make or break which is thou speaking clearly – digitally or otherwise. Setting boundaries and expectations keeps folk feeling part of the team while leaving no doubt. No one likes doubt! Communication keeps everyone goal orientated and on the same track.

2. Encourage a flexible culture which loves its learning. As an emerging industry, remote work requires a sense of aptitude from both employees and boss ladies and blokes. There will be curveballs and mishaps along the way, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep it friendly, welcome discussion and learn along the way. 

3. Collaboration. How is the change serving your staff? Are you listening to their experiences? Often those on the ground are perfectly situated for clear feedback about how processes are working. Clip your ears on, serve up that humble pie piping hot from the oven and model the behaviour you want the culture to imbue. Bon appetit!

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Work your way!

Jo Palmer, founder of Pointer Remote Roles

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