How to Create a Remote Work Schedule that Works for You

03.06.20 12:18 PM By Caitlin

Whether you're a new or experienced remote employee, you've probably realised how hard it can be to stay on a proper schedule.

In the morning, you might wake up drowsy with no commute or morning team chats to put you in the work mindset. Then, when you finally feel like you're on a roll and about to get everything on your to-do list done, you might look out the window, realise how dark it is, and discover that you've worked straight through dinner.

Although the schedule mishap I noted above is fairly common, you definitely don't want it to become a regular part of your lifestyle. While working late at night occasionally can help you get ahead in your career, doing so regularly can harm your mental health, happiness at work, and your work-life balance.

When it comes to remote work, poor scheduling can have an even bigger impact on your life. Research shows that remote employees tend to work longer hours than in-office employees. Remote work can also result in feelings of disconnection, isolation, and loneliness.

If you've fallen for numerous scheduling traps as a remote worker, it doesn't mean you're a bad employee or going downhill in your career. A scheduling mishap simply means that you might need some daily structure, like many other people with ambiguous working styles.

Luckily, with all of the scheduling technology we have today, creating an outline of your workweek actually isn't that hard to do.
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