How to leave the office when the office is your home

30.07.20 12:15 PM By Caitlin

From Sarah Goff-DuPont at Atlassian

Remember that movie Groundhog Day? Where Bill Murray experiences the same day over and over and over and heartwarming hilarity ensues? Working from home can feel like a lot like that (minus the heartwarming hilarity). The hours meld together because there’s no natural divider to separate work time from personal time.

Maybe that’s OK with you. There are plenty of people who prefer to blend their work and personal lives. The type who walk away from their laptop before five o’clock, then are perfectly happy to answer emails from their phone while they make dinner. These folks are known as “work-life integrators”. But many others, myself included, need to feel like they’ve left work for the day before they can relax. We’re known as “work-life segmentors.”

Understanding where you are on the integrator-segmentor spectrum is a major step forward in your quest for work-life balance because it helps you set boundaries accordingly. Here’s how to tell...

How to leave the office when the office is your home!
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