Don't compare - Remote Work Tip

26.03.20 05:39 AM By Jo Palmer

One of the risks of working remotely is that often the only information we have to compare our career progress against is what we see on our friends’ social media feeds. Think of those photos with industry leaders, virtual check-ins at networking breakfasts and gushing comments about how wonderful a particular presentation or workshop was and how much it is going to change the course of your peer’s life #smashinggoals. You get the point.

As we know from our personal lives, social media is used to showcase the best of life, not the realities of life. The same applies to what people post about their careers.

Don’t feel like you are missing out or not succeeding just because your reality doesn’t match up to the glitz and glamour you see other people promoting. March to the beat of your own drum. Run your own race (and all those other hashtag worthy phrases!) because it really is true. The only things you need to compare yourself against are your own values, goals and expectations.  

This remote working tip is kindly brought to you by Dr Bailey Bosch from Remote Star Consulting. To view Dr Bailey's resources in the Portal click here!

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