Rituals - Remote Work Tip

11.02.20 06:06 AM By Jo Palmer

Do you have any rituals that signal to your brain it is time to work? Going into an office gives your brain all sorts of cues that it is time to work and for those of us who work remotely, our environmental cues are more likely to scream at us “Time you got that washing on the line” or “Geez the lawn needs mowing”.

Establish some rituals that prep your brain for work. You might decide to put on a particular jacket or change your glasses to your ‘work glasses’ (like I do). It might something as simple as changing the chair you are sitting in, but it needs to be something you do each time you begin work so that you start to establish cues and get yourself into the working mindset.

This remote working tip is kindly brought to you by Dr Bailey Bosch from Remote Star Consulting. To view Dr Bailey's resources in the Portal click here!

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