Is your team safe?

26.03.20 02:55 AM By Jo Palmer

What's the number one question that should be on the lips of all remote managers?

HOT TIP: it's not "how do I know my remote staff aren't watching Netflix, eating Nutella by the spoonful straight from the jar?"

It should be: "how do I know my remote workers are SAFE?"

Luckily, we have resources for that. Run your remote workers through our Remote Workspace WHS Audit, put your mind at ease and cover yourself for insurance.

Run on the remote workers mobile phone, the interactive process will geo-locate your worker, survey their workplace (including photo uploads for your records) and have them tidy up and self-sign off on the standards of their work area.

It's not a bad investment considering the median time lost for serious workers compensation claims in 2017-18 was a whopping 5.8 working weeks.*

Check out the WHS Audit here


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