The Enablers and Barriers of the Four-Day Work Week

13.01.21 09:59 AM By Caitlin

You are invited to participate in a research study that will explore the feasibility of the four-day working week. The aim of the project is to explore regional current work designs, employee satisfaction and attitudes towards the feasibility of a four-day working week.

The study is being conducted by Simone-Maree Hyde; an Honours student at Charles Sturt University, and supervised by CSU Honours Supervisor Larissa Bamberry. 

Important: This survey is voluntary, anonymous, non-identifiable, confidential, unconnected to your employing organisation, and no information will go back to your manager or organisation. The purpose of this survey is to assist a local university student with her research. There are no implications for employees who do not wish to participate in this survey. 

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