The Power of Networking with Robyn Henderson - Resources

02.12.20 02:31 PM By Caitlin

Networking is a commonly thrown around as the key to unlocking your career success. But for many people networking doesn't come naturally and can be very daunting.

In the session, Robyn covered the basics of networking and gave us some tips for leveraging conversations. We covered strategies to be remembered positively without being too pushy, conversation starters when meeting strangers, tips for preparing for meetings and more.
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About Robyn Henderson

Global Networking Specialist, Robyn Henderson has spoken in 12 countries, has authored and contributed to 25 books on networking and business and career development in the last 20 years.

All her work comes from referrals, word of mouth and her website With more than 14,500+ connections on LinkedIn, if Robyn doesn't know the person you want to meet, she might just know someone who does.

Robyn is passionate about networking and encouraging people to go for their dream and tap into their network for support. "To go fast go alone, to go far, go together", African proverb.