Which Remote Work Communication Style Fits You?

04.06.20 02:56 PM By Caitlin

From the team at Yonder

We love delving into organisational behavior and the psychology of work. A few months ago, we were discussing some remote work personality types and came up with some of our own!

1. Just the Facts

These remote workers prefer as little interaction as possible, and when communication is necessary, email is ideal. When given an assignment, they only want the instructions, requirements, and deadlines (no brainstorming, discussion, or planning with a team). Independence is priority, so they don't want to be committed to working certain hours or even be scheduled to attend certain meetings.

Role Matches: Content Writing, Financial Management, Web Development, or freelancing
Interaction Tip: Be sure to spell out projects in detail for them, so these remote workers can get right to work. They like to know the scope of the project and get all the details before they get started, so try to accommodate them within reason. If it’s essential for them to be on a call or to collaborate in real time, give them a good reason why and make them feel their contributions are essential to the success of the project.

2. Best of Both Worlds

These remote workers enjoy the independence of remote work, but they still value the human element. They're organised and self-disciplined, so they enjoy phone calls, hangouts, and Slack banter, but with the boundaries of scheduled appointments, time limits, and agendas. In between meetings, they enjoy working alone and uninterrupted.

Role Matches: Human Resources, Account Management, Marketing

Interaction Tip: Be sure to reach out to them in their favorite channels and include them in meetings where they can be a contributor. But, do respect their “heads down” time when they have a project deadline looming or want to get work done.

3. Collaborative Team Players

These remote workers thrive on teamwork and enjoy office dynamics, but they also prefer the convenience of working remotely. When working, they want to feel as virtually connected to their co-workers as possible, and enjoy frequent, spontaneous communication with as many team members as possible.

Role Matches: Business Development, Customer Service, Logistics Coordination, and Product Research

Interaction Tip: Include them in all your team-building activities and invite them to participate on company committees. When they feel like they’re at the center of the action, they will thrive, get others involved, and help to shape your company culture for the best.
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