Employing remotely, made easy

Engage the best talent, before your competitor does

When growing your team, you want the best person for the job and by hiring remotely, location is no barrier to top talent. Remote work levels the playing field for professionals and it gives your business access to the skills you need to grow.

And if you don't hire the best talent remotely, your competitor just might...

75% of people who work remotely do so because there are fewer distractions.

86% of people feel that working remotely reduces stress.

Companies that allow remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t.

(FlexJobs 2018 Annual Survey)

Short term or one-off contract

For projects, contracts or salaries < $30k, there is an upfront fee of $550* to advertise your role to Pointer's vetted candidate pool.

Part or full-time position

For part or full-time positions or contracts between $30k and $90k, it is free to post your role and success fee of $2750 - $5500* depending on  FTE.

Premium contract or position

For roles > $90k FTE, we shortlist premium vetted candidates. There is a $3300* sign-on fee ($2500 refund if no success) + commission for our premium package.

* All pricing includes GST

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