Frequently Ask Questions

For Job Seekers

What sort of roles does Pointer see?

As remote work is not industry-specific, we advertise roles from over 100 industries. Examples include (but not restricted to):

  • Accounting, finance and bookkeeping
  • Administration
  • Law
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing roles
  • Website design
  • Business development and planning

A list of current and previously advertised roles can be found on our Jobs page.

What sort of employers are advertising roles?

The employers that work with us a Pointer are progressive companies that realise that the location of the best employee shouldn’t matter. We have small to medium-sized businesses from all over Australia through to corporate organisations in the big cities.

Are the roles casual, contract, part time or full time?

Each role that we advertise is different. We have had part-time and full-time roles that have been contracts as well as permanent appointments. There have been short-term contracts and one-off jobs.

How does Pointer find me the best job?

Pointer sees beyond work to the whole person, community, economy and society. 


Rather than searching for a job just because you’re in a particular location, you can register with Pointer to match your skillset, experience, connections, knowledge with the roles available. 


Here at Pointer we think remote work is a wonderful thing. It stimulates our brain, builds social connections, can be a creative outlet and secures financial independence. Feeling purposeful helps with mental well being. Pointer can help find you a job that will bring out the best in you


This is a more inclusive and human experience and should help you find a job that will work in the long term and feel wonderful because, more than just your CV, you’re bringing your whole identity and community along with you as well.

Can I update my profile with Pointer at any time?

You can log in to your profile page at any time and update your details.

When should I expect my first role to be sent through?

Our roles are not industry-specific so it is challenging to predict or guarantee when an appropriate role may become available. For some candidates, it is a matter of hours or days and others months or potentially longer depending on the role you are seeking.

Why does Pointer complete my reference checks?

To ensure we have the highest calibre of candidates in our database, we vett every candidate as they register with Pointer. This streamlines the process for our employers to see who they will interview. Our reference check asks previous employers to rate your soft skills rather. Employers are encouraged to conduct their own reference checks before they hire one of our candidates, but our onboarding reference checks give the employer an idea about the candidate's soft skills before they interview them.

Can I see my profile once it is complete?

You can see your profile at any time by logging in to the Portal.

I’m in Australia on a working holiday visa or I’m not registered in Australia for tax purposes, can I still register?

Unfortunately, at this stage, Pointer can only accept registrations of those who are registered in Australia for tax purposes.

Important things to note
  • If you have poor phone service or Internet speeds and downloads, then Pointer is not recommended as a place to try to secure remote work. Employers require candidates to have good connectivity to ensure successful remote work.
  • The roles we advertise are more often than not for qualified professionals with either tertiary or formal qualifications in their field. Unfortunately, candidates without qualifications and quality experience in the workplace are often overlooked for roles.
  • Pointer is a start-up company, each day our database of potential employers and employees grows, however, we cannot guarantee a match will happen. We are working every day to shift the societal mindset around remote work in Australia and we believe it is the way of the future.
  • A percentage of the roles we advertise are part-time or contract-based, so we encourage freelancers or those looking to supplement other income to register.
What happens once I register?

  1. Once you entered your contact details, you will receive an email with a link to build your profile.
  2. Once your profile is complete, you will receive an email confirmation and you will ready to receive job matches via email and you can see all open jobs from your profile portal.
  3. When a role is emailed to you that you are interested in, hit apply and you're in the running.