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​Pointer's Remote Learning Hub is an information, content and resource aggregator that individuals, businesses and communities can upskill in all facets of remote work. Pointer Remote offers bespoke consulting, online, self paced e-Learning as well as free resources to better understand and leverage remote work. 

At Pointer Remote, we know that working remotely is beneficial for businesses and individuals in so many ways: it creates less staff turnover, better mental health, more profit, higher performance, and less absenteeism. With the global uptake of remote work, we want to level the playing field for regional communities, and leverage this style of employment to build opportunities in rural areas. Pointer Remote’s award-winning free training and resource hub includes blogs, free email programs, case studies, reading lists and step-by-step toolkits that help kickstart your journey into all things remote work - whether you’re an individual, business or community leader. 

Remote Readiness

In today's new world, remote work is no longer a concept that may or may not work. The global workforce has proven remote work is an effective, productive and practical way to work. Transitioning to managing and working remotely in an effective way will take time, training and investment. Take our free Remote Readiness Assessment to see how you or your organisation rates.

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Bespoke Support

For one on one, group or team training sessions or workshops (virtual or on site) Pointer Remote can assist your team or organisation get on track to becoming 'remote ready'.

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Remote Ready e-Learning

Pointer Remote offers self paced, online training for managers and leaders, as well as individuals,  to ensure participants get the most out of working and managing remotely.

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Remote Work 101

Looking to get started? Sign up for our free, six week email program to upskill in working remotely. This content is delivered directly to your inbox to ensure getting 'remote ready' is simple.

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What makes remote work, work?


In the virtual world, you are what you share. One of the most vital skills for successful remote work is your ability to effectively communicate when working in the digital world. 


Company culture is important in any work environment, but when employees are working in remote and hybrid teams, establishing a strong and intentional company culture is crucial. 

Productivity & Time Management

Productivity is the amount of work that you produce. Time management is the practice of organising your time to complete your work. To be successful working remotely, productivity and time management are key.

Change Management

As a change manager, you are the catalyst who will help your organisation transition into a new process, goal, or technology using a structured approach or to take control of the way you work, remotely.


There is an overwhelming amount of incredible remote work enabling technology available. Check out some examples of tools to get you working remotely.


Communication is the cornerstone of a successful remote work environment. Employees trust managers who are available for meaningful conversation, whether you’re in a remote workplace or a traditional office with four walls. Employers trust employees who can effectively communicate their needs, challenges and wins. An organisation's strong investment in communication will yield increased employee satisfaction, better retention rates, and higher productivity. An individual's investment in communication will improve job satisfaction and ability to feel part of the team.

The best tech to help you communicate, remotely

Communication: the holy grail of relationship success

Your no-nonsense guide to communication in the workplace

Efficient Communication Methods for Remote Work

14 Tried-and-true ideas to improve team communication

How remote teams miscommunicate, and how to fix it

Reading recomendations...


In a traditional co-located workplace, employees know they have started their workday simply by walking into their building. For a remote organisation, company culture provides an environment that delineates your employees' work time from their personal time. Active participation provides a feeling of "being at work" and encourages loyalty, unity, and pride in your staff.

Leadership done right: resources from Atlassian

Few leaders are born, most grow through trial and error, self reflection, and a whole lot of inspiration. These resources will show you how to lead with focus, communicate with empathy, and inspire transformational work among your team.

How to build culture in a remote team

When it comes to remote teams, culture is a huge topic. Common knowledge suggests that co-located teams have an easier time building culture compared to remote teams. 

Culture: The office of an officeless team

What what is culture? It is a failure of modern jargon to associate on-site foosball tables and kegs with culture. Let’s be clear: those are perks, not culture. Culture is about the continual interactions and expectations of a company, while perks are incentives or rewards that help communicate what a culture is. 

​Podcast recommendations...

Productivity and Time Management

How to increase your productivity at work

You reach the end of your workday and glance down at your (now coffee-stained) to-do list. You’re immediately overcome with frustration as you realise that barely half of the items are checked off. Seriously, what happened? You were here for eight hours, so why didn’t you get more accomplished?

How to Create a Remote Work Schedule that Works for You

Whether you're a new or experienced remote employee, you've probably realised how hard it can be to stay on a proper schedule. Luckily, with all of the scheduling technology we have today, creating an outline of your workweek actually isn't that hard to do.

Staying Productive Regardless of Location

Some of the benefits associated with remote work include: reduced stress, increases employee retention, reduced costs for employers, and guess what – improved productivity. In the end, increase in productivity is a win-win for everyone involved. That’s one of the key aspects that is enhanced through remote work!

Productivity resources from Australia largest remote employer

Need more hours in a day? Work smarter, not harder with tips to help you check things off your list, handy hacks to prevent procrastination, and brain breaks to bust boredom.

Dr Bailey Bosch's Remote Work Tips

Change Management

Change management is both art and science. While other practices require mostly hard skills like the ability to do manual work, being a change manager also requires soft skills such as the ability to lead, communicate, and resolve conflicts. Working with a remote staff can introduce risks, but establishing a clear plan allows you to turn this risk into an asset that brings your project the flexibility it needs to succeed.

Change management: leading from the front

If you want your company to lead from the front, change is inevitable. An organisation’s ability to stay nimble is key to its potential for innovation, scale and growth. 

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Managing virtual teams: how to lead remotely

For virtual work to be successful – both for employees and their employers – one crucial factor has to be non-negotiable: Virtual employees need to have great working relationships with their team.

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What empathy centred leadership looks like

Disrupted operations and fragmented environments that have scattered the workforce are creating a very different dynamic for leaders. It’s raised the bar, compelling you as a leader to adopt a more personal style of management.

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​Remote enabling technology

There is a vast amount of technology to assist businesses and individuals to work remotely effectively. We have gathered a variety of free and paid software and technologies to assist in making remote work, work. If you have recommendations you'd like us to share, email them through.

Cloud Storage
Creative / Social Media
Employee Management
Focus Apps
Mind Mapping
Note-taking Apps
Online Office Suites
Project Management
Remote Desktop Software
Screen Recording Tools
Screen Sharing
Team Chat Apps
To-Do Lists
Video Conferencing

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Our Founder and Managing Director Jo Palmer was named the 2019 AgriFutures Rural Woman of the Year for her work supporting those living and working in rural Australia to access remote work. To find out more about Jo's project, watch the video below and if you know a woman doing amazing things in rural Australia, maybe tap them on the shoulder to apply for the Rural Women's Award. Details can be found on AgriFutures Australia's website.