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Remote Work Training Programs in Australia

 At Pointer Remote we are passionate about supporting individuals to leverage remote work to thrive. Our Doing Work Differently Programs upskill participants by connecting them with specialist training and resources, practical workshops and e-Learning and creating a community of like minded thinkers. These Programs are delivered a number of ways; with a community cohort, an online cohort or self-paced.

​Program Options

Community Cohort

Pointer Remote works with your local government or community group to deliver the program in your community. This program is a 'hybrid' program with one in person session and online modules.

Check out our events page to see if we are coming to your town. Not on the list, get in touch to see if we can work on getting to your community.

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Online Cohort

Our 'Doing Work Differently' programs are also run as online cohorts a number of times a year. These programs are all virtual and involve one live session and online self-paced modules.

Check out our events page to see when our next cohort is kicking off.

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Want to get started now? Our 'Doing Work Differently' program can be completed online at your own pace at anytime. 

The entire Program can be accessed at anytime and modules can be completed at your own pace.

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​Program Modules Overview

Module One - Time Management and Organisation Strategies

Module Two - Change Management

Module Three - Understanding your personality for work

Module Four - Career Skills and Resume Building

Module Five - Remote Work and Wellbeing

Module Six - Career Growth and Networking, Remotely

Module Seven - Remote Work in Action

Module Eight - Communication and 'Managing Up', Remotely

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​Specialist Presenters

Each module in the Programs focuses on a specific topic area and includes video and written content as well as pre and post work, that has been developed by specialists in each topic area. The content is hands on, current and developed by industry leaders to ensure participants are building capacity in their ability to work and/or manage remotely.

If you are a passionate about the opportunities remote work brings to individuals, businesses and communities then we would like to connect, we’d love to hear from you.

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