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At Pointer Remote, we understand your postcode does not determine your suitability for a meaningful and stimulating job, we believe you can do an amazing job, from anywhere.

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At Pointer Remote, we know that there’s nothing worse than trawling through job boards, day after day, trying to find a job that suits your lifestyle. Because that’s what work should be - a lifestyle. Pointer Remote knows that work is where you go, not what you do, so we aim to match our job seekers with companies that value lifestyle, balance and suitability to work from anywhere - no matter your postcode. 

Pointer Remote uses a set and forget philosophy - register as a job seeker and remote roles are sent to your inbox. Pointer Remote also aims to advocate on job seekers behalf in regards to pay ranges, flexibility and onboarding. We've removed the hard work from the equation, now it's your job to register! 

As an award-winning company who have connected hundreds of esteemed companies and job seekers since 2017, we have the platform to help you quickly and easily access the remote role of your dreams. 

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Job matches to your profile will be emailed directly to you.  You choose to apply (or not!) and give employers access to your profile.

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Get shortlisted, interview for the job, get an amazing offer and you're ready to start working remotely! 

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The Pointer Remote Process

Pointer Remote has worked with hundreds of employers across Australia from over 100 industries, including professional services, creatives, IT, marketing, administration, health and other areas that are conducive to remote work. We work with sole traders to small to medium sized businesses, right through to large, corporate and Government organisations based in the metropolitan cities - so, even though you’re remote, the job opportunities with Pointer are endless. 

We know that our employers are quick off the mark, with our statistics showing us that as of June 2021, approximately 90% of organisations that had advertised roles with Pointer Remote had interviewed potential candidates within the week of publishing their role. More questions? Check out our FAQs.


We want you to hit the ground running remotely and we pride ourselves on the fact that we provide resources to help you prepare to work remotely. If you need help transitioning to remote work, or you just need support in relation to communication, culture, productivity and time management, change management, technology and more, visit our Training and Resource Hub here.

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​Remote Readiness - are you ready to work remotely?

Remote work is a working style allowing professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be in a specific place or location to be executed successfully. Working remotely can be stimulating, engaging and rewarding, but it is not for everyone. Interested to see if working from anywhere would suit you?                                                                                                                                                    

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