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Role Title: Personal Assistant

Role Type: Permanent full time

Remuneration: Negotiable

Preferable start date: ASAP

Role outline:

From the employer:

If you’ve ever inflated damp socks with a hairdryer, then you might be the Creative vision specialist I’m looking for.  

Yes, I know, but when I write “must think outside the box,” in a headline, I attract applications from people who think that they think outside the box, but often don’t.  

I do aerial photography and videography, sell my four coffee table books, and newly released novel. I do a lot of keynote speaking,  and have a TV show in production. In 2015 I won Asia-Pacific female entrepreneur of the year, and my team and I are where we are today thanks to tenacity, team-work and thinking outside the box. 

“Outside the Box Thinker Required!” is an overused phrase, and overused things eventually get worn down until their essence is lost. So, let’s define it here for the sake of clarity –  

My team and I need a Personal Assistant who is comfortable thinking up unconventional solutions to business problems as and when they arise.  

This means that, for example, you need to be the kind of person who one day finds yourself running late for work, you’re about to step out of the door into a cold day, your dog knocks a glass of water over, your socks catch a splash and all your spares are churning suds in the washing machine. You have a couple of minutes to play with at best and you realize that the quickest solution is to make your own hot air windsocks with your hairdryer, but not on max heat of course, because you reason that the motor would overheat, and very carefully obviously, because electricity is hideously dangerous stuff.  

And it works. You found the quickest solution to the challenge of how to get out the door in two minutes flat. You thought outside the box. Well done.  

Luckily, this role is a full-time work from home position, so you won’t even need socks.  

But what you will need is the ability to: 

  • work autonomously and apply high levels of initiative, be driven to maintain our current customer base, ensuring that customer service is the key focus.
  • continuously explore new sales and marketing opportunities to keep us trucking. 
  • organize and multi task on numerous projects like an administratively minded octopus.
  • take control of all our social media platforms and apply your up-to-date knowledge as inventively and effectively as you dare. 
  • treat sales and business development as verbs more than nouns. They’ll always be on your mind and you’ll always be doing them, whatever you’re doing.
  • apply our marketing plans and promotions for book sales and speaking opportunities. 
  • respond like the back a Teflon coated duck responds to water when you hear the word, “No.” 

Keeping on top of all these activities will of course require a high level of computer literacy and you’ll be happy to lose track of the time when a deadline is racing to overtake you.  

In a dynamic and evolving environment like this there’s every chance that your role will evolve too, so don’t be surprised if every day is different.  

It sounds like a lot and it is, but if you’re like us then you’ll love it too. We’re a nice bunch of people to work with and we like to work with nice people. We all thrive on each other’s enthusiasm and commitment, we believe in our business, we believe in each other and we care about what we do.  

Continents and thousands of kilometres may sometimes divide us but that’s always forgotten when Zoom, phone and online team meetings bring us together. We’ll quickly get to know each other. 

If this sounds like you and your socks, then please apply. We’d welcome a like-minded traveler.”+

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