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Elin is an AI-driven tool that provides data-driven companies with real-time insights into their internal culture based on their communication and behaviour in Slack. What's inside Elin.ai:

  • Company culture snapshot based on your historical Slack communication
  • Team dynamics on 5 culture metrics: engagement, collaboration, mood, impact, wellbeing and numerous sub metrics
  • Ability to unite employees in teams and compare reports
  • Effortless collection of behavioural data from Slack public channels and ML-based processing of communication patterns

No surveys needed!

Elin focuses on 5 key Culture Dimensions that are especially relevant for remote teams and distributed companies. Elin observes available team communication, analyzes the patterns and behaviour and brings awareness to what the company culture is and how it translates to remote employees’ mood, engagement, wellbeing, collaboration and the feeling of making an impact.  These metrics have an impact on the company’s short-term and long-term success, yet they are difficult to track in remote employees due to the lack of personal interaction between employees, when they are not sitting in the same office.


Keeping employees engaged and motivated can be a struggle, especially with fast-growing and remote teams. Running surveys helps, but they are done only a few times per year, while changes happen quickly and need your attention NOW.

Elin.ai has developed an effortless solution for that – an AI-driven engagement tracker and coach for Slack-based teams. It provides HRs with people metrics in real-time with no surveys/questions involved.
Elin 2.0 has been launched on Product Hunt today and has 2 special offers for you:
·Fixed price of $299 for a 1-year subscription if you install Elin this week!
· A free subject-matter expert consultation of your results after 2-weeks use of Elin for 50+ employee teams!

How does Elin work?
1. You install Elin app in Slack (need to be Slack admin for that)
2. Elin analyzes public channel communication and behavioural patterns in the background
3. You get constant access to your company dashboard with metrics and sub metrics in dynamics
4. Elin sends you weekly coaching on improving the lowest metrics
5. You take action and achieve a happy engaged team!

Please visit, upvote and ask questions here https://www.producthunt.com/posts/elin-ai-2-0  or Add to Slack via www.elin.ai

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