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Meetings are one of those things that are essential for company success. But participants rarely have positive feelings about them. Why is that? Our work environment has changed drastically over the past two decades. But the way we run meetings — not so much. Modern agile organisations are flat and highly collaborative, and most of the decisions are made outside of the traditional corporate hierarchy. Additionally, more and more teams are geographically distributed and communicate remotely.

By contrast, most meetings are still predominantly organized by higher-ranking individuals. Groups still utilise conference rooms to join remote meetings, and remote, voice-only participation is still a norm. And even though it takes just a few seconds to schedule and join short remote meetings, the vast majority of them range between 30–60 minutes and require advance and recurring reservation. This leads to calendar congestion and difficulties with scheduling time-sensitive discussions.

These factors lead to participants multitasking during meetings in order to complete their individual work. The lack of engagement creates a vicious circle of meeting inefficiency.

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