Paula Maidens for business

Building Awesome Teams that Grow Your Business And Free Up Your Time

I’m dedicated to helping business owners and their key leaders free up their time, by building awesome teams, implementing simple effective systems that drive results and turn you into a great leader.

My service is a combination of coaching + “do it together”, with the intention to transfer knowledge, establish systems and processes to empower you to confidently lead your team of A-Players (who are running like a well oiled machine) and enjoy your freedom (to work in your zone of genius), increase your profit and achieve your big dreams.

Sometimes we'll talk strategy and focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes I’ll challenge your limiting beliefs and sometimes we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty in simply creating & implementing the processes to create the change we need.

I focus heavily on proven processes, productivity and measured results. I’ll also be interested in enhancing your profitability, your sense of freedom and flexibility within your business.

My coaching centres around the 6 Pillars To Building Effective Teams (see video) and is most successful when completed over a 6 month Momentum period, with a clear starting point, clear goals and clear success parameters. We can also work on a short term basis to work through one specific issue or project.

Paula Maidens

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