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Twalk: it's a movement with movement!

We specialise in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Facilitation in the great outdoors. Walking, hiking, cycling, SUPing, doing yoga, playing golf and even tennis.

With over 20 years experience in the corporate world, working primarily in Professional and Financial Services, as well as privately owned businesses, in Australia and the US, it is clear people need people. So whether you’re a successful CEO, struggling start-up, amazing innovator, busy small business person, or someone re-entering the workforce, I welcome you to come and join me and the Twalk team for a virtual walk and talk.

As your trusted advisor in business and life, we work together to answer the tough questions, brainstorm the best solutions to get the outcomes and results you desire. We have proven experience in making the good stuff happen. By going for a virtual Twalk and getting you out of the office or the house, into the fresh air, and combining conversation, exercise and endorphins, we are encouraging you to be authentic with yourselves and each other. We open up, talk, share, listen, question, brainstorm, and provide a supportive sounding board, allowing you to grow personally and professionally.  

We have specialists from Leadership Coaches to Life and Wellbeing Specialists, Nutritionalists, Sales Coaches and Executive Mentors who also are real humans giving you the permission to get outside and simply walk and talk to succeed.

We also run Leadership programs and will soon be launching an online learning series for you to access anywhere any time - watch this space.

We want to know that we are making real change and the work we do is making a difference. To ensure this, we will arrange a follow up session after an appropriate period of time to ensure real results are being achieved.

We look forward to Twalking soon...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development: We work with you and your leaders to quickly identify the challenges your business is facing and design a bespoke approach to support you and your organisation, resolving the issues as efficiently and effectively as possible. Through an engaging process we will seek first to understand the pain points for your organisation. Then develop and recommend a program to specifically address the needs identified and implement it with you and your leadership team.

executive coaching

Executive Coaching: To address specific business issues and/or people issues, sometimes having one on one executive coaching is the best solution to develop the skills necessary to address the issues at hand. At Twalk, we do this a little differently - we want you to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine and simply talk. Whatever your outdoor passion is, we will join you for some fun and adventure while discussing the professional issues and any personal issues that are affecting you and your work environment. Together by getting outside, away from the office, doing some exercise, taking in some vitamin D and getting those endorphins flowing, you will be amazed at what we can achieve in a session. Join us at some iconic locations so we can solve your professional and personal issues and help you thrive.


Facilitation: At Twalk we believe that some times having someone external to the team and/or organisation can assist in achieving real goals for the business. Hosting a strategy workshop with your leadership team? Want to challenge your team to make real changes to operate more effectively? Why not invite Twalk to facilitate the session for you to ensure you and your team are held accountable and real decisions, real goals and real actions are achieved.

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