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As they say, the only constant in life is change. Purple Pyjamas is a strategic management agency supporting people and organisations who are transitioning through change.

Change comes in many forms and is an inevitable part of work and life. Sometimes change is within our control and other times it is not. Even though we are never free from change, we are free to decide how to respond to it.  The good thing is we can adapt to change by understanding it. We can even take advantage of change.

As humans we are programmed to like certainty so we should not feel surprised if change leads to feelings of frustration.If you are struggling with change, or want some strategies to help you adapt to change more easily, Vickie Burkinshaw the Chief Changemaker of Purple Pyjamas can work with individuals or teams to support their transitions.

For individuals you may need help with time management, self esteem, taking risks, developing confidence, or creating a personal brand.

For businesses you may need help working through team stages and phases, dealing with business growth and the constant need to adapt to the marketplace.

Let us help you find perspective and develop change management strategies.

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