The Tracksuit Economy

THere is an easier way to work

Leaving the corporate rat race of Sydney and moving to northern New South Wales in 2013, Emma Heuston believed there had to be a better way. Emma is a flexible career consultant; the Australian Women in Law Thought Leader of the Year 2018; an author; lawyer; work from home guru; and busy parent. Emma juggles all of these balls from her home near Byron Bay in far northern New South Wales. Passionate about gender equality and re-framing the way we work, Emma is committed to the cause of promoting flexible work. In September 2019, Emma won the Gold Ausmumpreneur Award for Business Excellence (Ignite).

Emma has authored 'The Tracksuit Economy' established the Remote Expert offering legal and HR solutions for businesses who hire remote team members or want to hire remote team members.

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The Remote Expert

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