Amazing content for both businesses and candidates to make remote work a breeze

Our portals will provide businesses and candidates with access to self-paced training and upskilling via online video and written content. There will also be the capacity for individuals to connect with professionals via video conference for one on one training and coaching.

Our portal will contain tips for employers around writing job descriptions, interview questions specific to remote employees and how to actually make remote work, work! For candidates, there will be resume rebuild resources, training and resources to improve confidence when returning to the workforce as well as information around the huge amount of technology that has entered the marketplace that makes working remotely easy!

We are partnering with some incredible businesses who are developing some really cool content. Watch this space. If you offer a product or service that makes working remotely awesome, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at [email protected]

Some of our partners...

We specialise in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Facilitation in the great outdoors. Walking, hiking, cycling, SUPing, doing yoga, playing golf and even tennis.We have found that by getting leaders and executives out of the office, into the fresh air, vitamin D, combining conversation, exercise and endorphins, leaders are opening up a lot more, being more authentic with themselves and others, and willing to grow both professionally and personally. The journeys we are taking these leaders on is exciting, different, and rewarding both personally and to their organisations. They are creating real results and impacting teams as leaders and the business as a whole.

Emma Heuston, founder of the twin businesses “The Tracksuit Economy” and “The Remote Expert” is a flexible work guru, remote worker, author and lawyer. Emma helps organisations onboard and retain remote employees through the Remote Expert resources and programs she has created. She also assists candidates with the transition to remote work.

With over 18 years experience as a lawyer, having worked as a remote employee at law firm partner level and published the must have guide to working from home, “The Tracksuit Economy”, Emma provides a unique perspective as a flexible and remote work consultant to help distributed teams get it right.

Engage & Create Consulting is based in Goondiwindi, Queensland and can help businesses grow and develop by implementing strategies, marketing and promotion plans, people development, as well as implement effective training packages. We help businesses contribute to the vibrancy and viability of regional, rural and remote communities.

Rural Business Collective is a community for rural and remote businesses and entrepreneurs. RBC keeps their community up to date with the latest opportunities, connects them with like-minded entrepreneurs, puts them in touch with information and experts in areas of interest to them and provide a voice for those doing business in some of Australia’s most isolated postcodes. You can hear from their community on the weekly podcast Beating Around the Bush. 

Verve Super is shaking up the superannuation industry as Australia’s first super fund designed for women. Australian women retire on average with half the superannuation of men. It has taken a Royal Commission to tell us the obvious – our current financial system is broken. And too often, it’s women who pay the price. With women-friendly fee breaks such as no fees while on parental leave, transparent ethical investing and free financial coaching, Verve is 100% designed to build women’s wealth and collective financial power. The more women who join the fund, the more we can direct the $1 trillion that Australian women hold in Super to invest in companies building a better world for women and families, our community and our planet.

Blisspot is an online well-being platform that supports individuals with customised solutions to overcome stress and thrive. Blisspot shares new skills to improve and maintain a person’s optimum state of wellbeing by addressing the following key wellbeing segments:
• Sleep • Stress • Energy • Mindfulness • Relationships • Parenting • Personal Growth• Self-Care • Emotional Mastery

The Blisspot wellbeing solution is a unique combination of elements carefully combined to create a complete solution to Corporate and SME Wellbeing. When you work with Blisspot, you will be working with a team of people dedicated to crafting a world-class wellbeing solution and addressing the human needs of your workforce whether a corporate or SME, in a highly enjoyable contemporary context.

You are probably really good at what you do: social innovator, creator, crafter, writer, builder, sparky, mechanic, manager, team leader.  But just because you are great at your trade or passionate about your cause does not necessarily mean you know how to find a pathway to success.  That’s how we can help. We ask the questions, challenge the sacred cows, consider the views of stakeholders and provide options for actions. We use meetings, courses and workshops to bring out the issues that may be preventing you from achieving the success you want.

Eggup is a SaaS operating in the HR Tech Industry which focuses on the analysis of individual and teams’ soft skills in order to help companies reduce costs and increase productivity. We provide insights on potential career paths derived from soft skills analysis, using profiles of people’s interests in order to improve the candidate experience and boost employees’ engagement.

You can complete a soft skills assessment with Eggup here for free!

Juggle Strategies partners with forward-thinking organisations to develop & deliver flexible working practices. There is more to flexibility than meets the eye. Like all elegant solutions, it can appear at first deceptively simple – but the devil is in the detail. We think about how you achieve profitable business results right here and now by ensuring you have all the fundamental building blocks (we call them critical success factors) in place. The steps you take now can set your business up to evolve and take full advantage of the future of work.

Video Conferencing is nothing new.  There are a plethora of VC platforms out there however BeingThere Video Conferencing’s point of difference is that they offer a full concierge service.  They take the risk and the scare factor out of virtual communications.

They ensure that your virtual communications are stress free and engage with you and your attendees to optimise their set ups PRIOR to going live for the event/interview. BeingThere prepares you (and your 3rd parties) so that your experience is as good as it can be, optimised, on time – every time!

 During our lifetimes, we earn money, spend money, save money, borrow money, lend money, donate money, and invest money. Being able to make informed choices can make a big difference. #Sprout_Ed provides independent education that helps people build knowledge, confidence and empowerment, and take control of their financial future. From understanding your own relationship with money, creating a budget that actually works, to making sense of superannuation and everything in between, we make the financial stuff practical, fun and accessible. We offer one-on-one coaching, face-to-face and online workshops, corporate employee well-being programs, and professional development workshops and training that is research-driven, evidence-based and best-practice.

AI Culture Officer for Remote Teams. Elin helps to build mission-driven companies by measuring culture, sharing insights and coaching employees and managers on how to create a more positive, engaging and collaborative environment.

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