Considering filling a role remotely? The benefits of remote staff are endless! You may like to complement your current, in-house team with remote staff, or you may employ a team that is entirely remote. Either way, Pointer has qualified professionals who will enhance your business.

We have a pay-per-post option, as well as an annual subscription to post unlimited roles. Please get in touch to discuss your business or agency's needs.

To advertise a role or to discuss how Pointer can assist in building an amazing remote team within your business, please click below and we will be in touch.




Registering with Pointer opens up the opportunity to be matched with roles that can be done from home or in a co-working space. Employers are advertising to fill roles remotely so there is no need to go through the interview process and then try to negotiate remote terms; everyone is on the same page.

There is a registration fee to have your profile on Pointer, $75 (plus GST). Once you have registered with Pointer we get in touch, then once you have demonstrated that you fit Pointer's criteria, we create your profile. Pointer is a passive way to search for work. Once you have registered, we will email you roles that may be of interest. If you are interested in a role, we forward your profile to the employer or recruiter and they can choose to contact you for an interview. Check out our FAQs for more information.


**Please note - all information provided by candidates, recruiters and employers is kept private. Please refer to our Privacy Policy, located on the bottom of each page of our website. Candidates and employers can not see each others details. By registering with Pointer, you agree to our Terms of Use, located on the bottom of each page of our website.