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“Our firm engaged Pointer Remote Roles to advertise three positions within our business. We found the process of advertising with Pointer simple and we received the profiles of a range of high-quality candidates for all of the roles. Pointer is a fantastic concept and is an easy way to connect with talented professionals who are looking to work remotely. We will certainly use Pointer again when next looking to fill a role remotely.”

— Tracey, HR Coordinator at Boyce Chartered Accountants

“In our industry, we are faced with the constant struggle of finding high quality, reliable freelancers to employ when we need to outsource work. My business partner and I both grew up in rural NSW and love the idea of being able to support regional areas. It’s given us an enormous pool of talent that has previously been difficult for us to access.”

— Michelle – Co-founder Sunday Collective

“When our company needed to update our website, we tasked Pointer with finding us a designer. The process was easy to navigate as Pointer took care of everything. We were sent profiles of qualified and experienced web designers who we could immediately interview. We were able to avoid the stale process of posting a role on a job board type website resulting in being either inundated with applications who didn’t meet our needs or receiving no applications at all.”

— Kate – Managing Director at Focus Genetics Australia

“Advertising a role with Pointer has been such a quick and easy process and there was a high calibre of candidates that have been sent to us. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to fill a vacancy. A brilliant service and I hope it goes from strength to strength. There will no doubt be other opportunities to advertise with Pointer as their candidates are all super-aligned to FRRR and located in parts of the country that we do a lot of work. ”

— Natalie Egleton – Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR)

“I have been so happy to see such fantastic roles coming through Pointer. I take great interest following Pointer’s LinkedIn feed, about people not just in regional areas but in the city (such as myself) who are looking to avoid commuting etc and want work/life balance but still want to perform meaningful work. I find your commitment to this outcome for your stakeholders really inspiring. Please keep up the fantastic work and keep the roles coming through!”

— Ritika – Pointer candidate

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