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​At Pointer Remote, we believe rural communities are the best places to live, run businesses and raise families. We are passionate about attracting and retaining rural populations so future generations can thrive in the regions.

"Remote work stimulates local economies, mental health outcomes are improved and rural communities can help to drought and disaster-proof themselves. Simultaneously, businesses are hiring the best talent, they are reducing their carbon footprint and their teams can live where they choose, reducing the 'metro-stress' they may be experiencingJo Palmer Founder and Managing Director, Pointer Remote

To attract and retain populations, liveability is key. And to attract and retain populations, employment opportunities and access to skills are vital. At Pointer, we work every day to provide a platform where individuals, businesses and communities can connect and together can thrive. By building capacity in all three elements, remote work can be the catalyst to enable people to live where they want to live. 

Jo Palmer Founder and MD
Doing Work Differently
- Building capacity in remote work for businesses and individuals

We support rural Australians to leverage remote work by becoming ‘Remote Ready’. Supporting communities to attract and retain population; supporting businesses to access remote skills from outside their community when local specialist help is unavailable or oversubscribed as well as increasing customer base outside the community; and empowering individuals to engage effectively with the workforce, remotely. 

Our 'Doing Work Differently' programs build capacity in communities to:

> Create jobs;

> Increase business revenue and expansion;

> Stimulate rural economies;

> Attract and retain rural populations;

> Increase workforce participation, particularly for women; and

> Build resilience and recovery post natural disasters and COVID-19.  


By supporting communities to become ‘Remote Ready’ creates an environment that is conducive to remote work, not only for local residents but for those looking to relocate, bringing with them a remote job. Corporates or large organisations use ‘Remote Ready’ communities as hiring ‘hubs’. Organisations hire groups or teams of people within a commutable distance of a ‘Remote Ready’ community, creating networks of team mates and centralised training hubs, with the flow on effect of local spend seen directly.

Pointer Remote offers programs for communities, businesses and individuals. For more information and to talk to our team, please contact us.

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Like many regional communities, Temora is experiencing rapid rates of business growth, coupled with low unemployment. The Remote Working Workshop provided practical solutions for businesses who are struggling to source workers from the local workforce. It showcases how developments in technology have changed the workplace and challenged traditional thinking around employee recruitment. You owe it to your community to host a Remote Working Workshop - a skilled workforce is the grassroots of any economy."

Craig Sinclair, Economic Development Officer, Temora Shire Council.

If you are a passionate about the opportunities remote work brings to individuals, businesses and communities and would like to connect, we’d love to hear from you.

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